The Office, well, it is an iconic show, and if you have still not seen it, you are probably living in a bubble. The show aired between 2005 to 2012 and is an incredibly hilarious and lovable dramedy show, which will appeal to people of all age groups. The makers of the show Stephen Merchant, Ricky Gervais, and Greg Daniels, have created a phenomenal show, which appeals straight to your mind. It has a multi-starrer cast, but John Krasinski, Steve Carell, and Jenna Fischer are the show’s real backbones. Set in an office space (we know, obviously!), all the co-workers in The Office are more like a dysfunctional family than a bunch of co-workers.

Consequently, every little conflict between them can leave you in splits. Several aspects of the show make this one a cult classic, but we cannot honestly list all of them. So, here, we will try to give you some of the best reasons why you should watch The Office.

From the time when The Office got shot to now, television has evolved

Oh-kay, to make it clear, we are here referring to The Office (US), and not the UK. So, much before The Office was shot in America, it was already a thing in the UK. So, when Benjamin Noah Silverman (the executive producer) discovered The Office UK, he wanted to bring the show to the American audience. But, the entertainment audience was not ready for it. The landscape of the television industry in America was very different back then. So, when the showrunners pitched the show to the broadcasting companies, they rejected it. HBO refused the offer saying that why would anyone want to do a remake? Showtime declined it by saying that they were not into shows like this.

Well, it was right, too, because it was the time when Friends and Baywatch were the two popular shows. Silverman even joked, saying that television was all about Friends and Friends in bathing suits back then. Ben was disappointed, but he did not give up. So, he connected with Nick Grad, who was working for FX then. Grad was well aware of The Office and was in awe of the show. He then presented the concept to Kevin Reilly, his boss. Kevin, too, loved the show, for it was dark and something different from the usual things that the audience was used to seeing. So, that made The Office the right pick for FX. But, then, there was a twist in the tale. Kevin’s association with FX was coming to an end, and he was switching to NBC, and NBC, being NBC, would not have taken an unconventional show like The Office. But, fate had made its decision. So, when Benjamin pitched the show to Kevin, he bought it. Hence, the show was made, but it still did not catch the audience’s fancy when it was first aired. The audience did not initially engage with The Office because it was something that they were not used to seeing, comments Chris, an educator who offers online cybersecurity courses

Character Development

Khloe, an online computer science tutorsays that she loves The Office so much because it is the only show ever made in the history of television where every single character has their trajectory. Well, yes, you will see every character growing from Episode one to their length on the show. Everyone is in there for a reason, and that reason is what keeps it so interesting.

The most important character of the show, Michael Scott, is the boss in The Office, but there is no hidden truth in it that he far from the world’s best boss. His character starts as a selfish, self-absorbed person who clings only to people that approve of his ways and consider his acts’ cool’. In this attempt, he keeps himself open only to his sycophants and ignores the real people who care for him. As funny and stupid it may sound, he chooses to stay in an abusive relationship with a woman only because she got a boob implant. So, even if you hate him initially, a few episodes down the lane, and you will realize that he is a genuine and caring person.

Also, it is not only Michael who evolves through the show. Each character goes through a transformation. From Jim, who realizes his potential and understands that he is more than a salesman, to Ryan, who finally masters commitment, every character grows and changes as in real life. The very fact that you will see growth in the supporting cast makes us applaud the makers and the writers of the show.

You cannot stop laughing

The Office is not a clear-out comedy show, but it will make you laugh. You will be amused by the conflicts and the issues between the co-workers. The funniest chemistry in the show can be seen between Dwight and Jim, who are really the soul of The Office, comments Kelly, an associate who offers engineering homework help services. You will laugh hilariously at the regular pranks that Jim makes on Dwight.

 It will bring tears to your eyes

 The Office is a lot more than just comedy, drama, and awkward scenarios. It takes you through the lives of some of the most honest and lovable characters. You will get to know all of them at an intimate level once you watch the show. When the show is over, it will feel as if you are saying goodbye to your friends. You will fall in love with their misdemeanors, and the subtle love stories between the characters are affordable. From a sad cry to a frustrated cry and a happy cry, The Office has made me feel all kinds of teary emotions, comments Jessica, an associate with RazorHoodIn every which way, The Office is an emotional roller-coaster. So, while you watch it, you are truly in for a ride.

It is the perfect show for binge-watching.

In The Office, there are nine seasons, and each of these seasons has around 23 episodes. So, if you are in for some long-term commitment, this can be the perfect starter pack. Even though it is a long show, it does not get monotonous or repetitive. Every episode is different so that you will enjoy your ride.

 All the episodes are short

Even though it is a long show, each of the episodes is very detached and short. So, for someone who takes a 20-minute break every time they are tired, this can be a perfect stress-buster. You can enjoy the 20-minutes of pure and comedy.

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