If we go back a little, iTunes had a good while until it lasted — you could quickly transfer files between your Mac/PC and iOS device! 

Plus, everything was kept in a single place that did not cause much of a hassle to the users and made it easy to manage the media files. And what’s more is, it was easier to know how to convert mp3 to iphone in the good old days!

Unfortunately, after the Mac Catalina update, it got split into different Apple apps, namely Apple Music, TV, Books, Finder, etc. It became unimaginably more difficult to manage files than before. 

But if we talk facts, iTunes was never close to being called ‘perfect’; we were merely keeping up since it was everything we had back in the day, didn’t we?

After iTunes, we now have different alternatives, which helped us in every file transfer iPhone to PC/Mac and vice versa. But that’s pretty much it.

On the other hand, Waltr PRO has hit the charts since its release. It is an iTunes alternative (and more) with exceptional features that if you have high expectations, you will still be blown away — most of its users have had this same response. 

The reasons being it is the best one out there are quite a few, but if we should put it into simple words, Waltr PRO has what iTunes lacked and much more! 

Let’s go on in more detail to know better about it and how it could be your next best iTunes alternative.


Why is it The Best One Out There? (Review)

The first thing worth mentioning is how easy to operate this piece of software is. Trust me; this is the simplest iTunes alternatives you will ever see!

When it comes to transferring media files or making iPhone ringtones, a clunky, difficult procedure comes to mind — but luckily, that is not the case with this one! 

Waltr PRO comes with the simplest UI that even five-year-olds can operate very well — everything is there in front of you with no complications and easy options. 

*sigh* Now you can breathe a sigh of relief!

Transferring big files between PC and iOS devices has always been a challenge for Apple users – the process is knotty, and sometimes it just fails! 

But needless to say, it takes loads of time! But if you have Waltr PRO — you don’t have to think twice about it.

With Waltr PRO, it is seamlessly simple to transfer media between your devices. Let it be a picture or a whole video, it is only a matter of seconds, and you are good to go! 

But there’s more – you cannot just ignore the fact that this software has the simplest file transfer procedure ever – all you need to do is drag and drop the file you wish to transfer, and you will get it on your iOS device in seconds.

Yes, that’s it, my friend!

Some of you might wonder how you can find the transferred files in the chunk of data? Well, Waltr PRO has you covered with this one as well! 

Every file you transfer, every photo, audio, video, or even a podcast — you are going to find it in its native locations. For example, a transferred audio file will directly be available on your device’s music app and so on.

Waltr PRO also supports wireless transfers so that you can send and get files through the air! 

However, for the first time, you will need to connect your device with your data cable for device recognition, and after that, you can forget the wires! 

Moreover, it makes almost every file format iOS-supported, and yes, this is made possible by Waltr! 

Thanks to its Automatic Content Recognition and built-in converter! 

You can now drop files into it — Waltr will recognize the file type and make it usable for your Apple device. You can now grab the files which were once impossible to have!

This software has been a great help to many Apple users. And by great help, we can not ignore the fact that this app even lets you make your custom ringtones!

You can now say goodbye to those overused boring iPhone ringtones and make one of your own. 

With the help of its ‘custom ringtone’ feature — just surf through the internet, find your unique tune, transfer, and simply apply it as your new ringtone. 

Through Waltr, you will find the ringtone in its native location. Now that is a complete package!

Last Words

Waltr PRO is a great iTunes alternative, and as you know by now, it gives much more than iTunes back in the day. You can transfer, manage and make use of every single file without a single strain. 

Waltr PRO has remained at the top by making its users happy and giving more. You can also be one of those users!

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