Plot: During World War II, a US Navy skipper must lead an Allied convoy being stalked by Nazi U-boat wolf packs. 

  • First thought. Will this be Tom Hanks version of Speed? Sadly the movie is on a boat.
  • Between Captain Phillips, Sully, Mr. Rodgers and this, I am starting to notice a trend in Hanks picking his roles. I am a fan of Hanks but he is starting to play some of the same roles within each of his characters. It’s frustrating to watch considering how good of an actor he is.
  • The CGI looked atrocious. I figured out why finding out the budget for this was only 53 million dollars. I am shocked that this didn’t have a bigger budget considering how over the top the trailer was.

Overall: I was intrigued to find out that the screenplay was done by Tom Hanks and I understand Hanks fascination with playing these real-life heroes but man enough is enough. This looks cheesy, over the top and a waste of time. I can’t believe this is going to drop in the middle of the summer and not in January. I am not looking forward to seeing this at all

Eneba Many GEOs
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