Spider-Man Game Surpasses Batman: Arkham City As the Best-Seller in the United States

Batman: Arkham City was once the best-selling superhero video game in the United States. I say “once” because Marvel’s Spider-Man game has now surpassed it. While it’s unclear when this achievement occurred, it does seem to be a recent development. The data is unclear and Arkham City still could have sold more globally, but at least according to NPD (a service that tracks video game data in the U.S.), Spider-Man has surpassed Arkham City in the states.

See the stats below:


Batman and Spider-Man are two of the biggest, well-known superheroes. Considering all of the content we’ve gotten from both in all media in the past few years, it’s no surprise these two dominate the spectrum.

Have you gotten to play Spider-Man yet? What are your thoughts and how did you enjoy the gameplay?

Source: CB