• First thing we notice is the name change. I think this was smart as they don’t want this to be seen as ANOTHER SAW movie. They want this to be a potential start of their own franchise. But it still ties itself with the original as the “Spiral” could be found on “Billy’s” face throughout the SAW movies.
  • We don’t get a lot of details within this first trailer but we do see several twist within the trailer. It starts with Rock & Minghella in the cop car jumping to a box that Rock receives followed by him chained to a pipe at the end. This just goes to show that we are still playing “games” within the movies.
  • We also see a group of guys within the trailer with mask on. This would be an interesting twist because we always knew it was a tight small crew that led the pack.

Overall Thoughts:

I love me Samuel L. Jackson but it felt so forced to get the line “Wanna play games, Motherf*cker”

Eneba Many GEOs

The little things that made the SAW franchise good to start is what I hope they follow this time around. It wasn’t always about the most elaborate game but it was about the person within the game itself.

I have tempered expectations but I loved the SAW franchise. I can’t wait to see what “twist” they have planned for us.

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