Eneba Many GEOs

The Rise of Skywalker might have brought the main saga of Star Wars movies to a conclusion, but the multimedia powerhouse franchise continues to rumble on in many different ways.

A host of new projects based on the universe created by George Lucas are in the pipeline, and anticipation is undoubtedly high as to what we can expect from them.

Expanding the universe

Recent weeks have brought confirmation of the new Star Wars: Squadrons game. As EA.com explains, the title will give people the chance to climb into the cockpit and enjoy a bit of action in a first-person multiplayer dogfight experience.

Furthermore, a second season of The Mandalorian is on the way, with sites including ComicBook.com reporting that Bryce Dallas Howard has directed a new episode of the Disney+ show. In addition, Lucasfilm announced in May that another star director who worked on the first season, Taika Waititi, would be co-writing and directing a new Star Wars movie for theatrical release.

With several other projects also being in development, it is fair to say that it is an exciting time to be a Star Wars fan. After all, such offerings are an opportunity to expand the universe and introduce new corners of the galaxy. However, is it possible that we might also return to some locations we are already familiar with, such as one only briefly glimpsed during The Last Jedi?

A glamorous addition

The location of a subplot involving Rose and Finn, Canto Bight was a glamorous new addition to the world of Star Wars. As StarWars.com explains, the city on Cantonica is home to a range of casinos, racetracks and other luxurious destinations, being a hive of activity for the richest people in the galaxy.

It was interesting to see such a setting introduced to Star Wars, particularly at a time when the casino industry in the real world has been enjoying a new lease of life. Land-based establishments may still largely be going strong, but several online casino sites are certainly thriving at the moment. In fact, the latter’s success has led to the creation of review sites like CasinoMarket.com, which reviews and compares the services they offer based on a range of parameters. It is also worth noting that Star Wars is not the only major entertainment brand to embrace the casino theme recently either, as Grand Theft Auto Online notably enjoyed success after introducing such a resort in an update last year.

However, while the emergence of Canto Bight was timely, it also arguably introduced us to a side of the galaxy that we had not seen before. As well as featuring luxurious, opulent surroundings, it played host to beings who were seemingly not overly concerned about the ongoing battles across the galaxy. While we have spent plenty of time in rebel bases and imposing First Order spaceships in recent movies, seeing what the rich get up to perhaps felt like something new.

A new route to go down?

With that in mind, it is fair to say that further exploration of Canto Bight or similar playgrounds of the rich and famous could be an interesting route for future Star Wars projects to go down.

We only had a small look at what the location had to offer in The Last Jedi, so it will be interesting to see if the location turns up again – whether that it is in the movies or perhaps during one of The Mandalorian’s adventures.

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