Star Wars Animation VS. Live-Action

This might be hard for some fans to think about, but Star Wars is better suited for animation rather than Live-Action. Now before I get attacked, Star Wars, to me, has always has been my favorite film franchise. With that said, it has come to my attention that the live-action films have been afraid of something that the animation, comics, and video games have taken the time and effort to expand on to show the fans.

Jedi, Sith, and The Mythology of the Force

One of the biggest draws for Star Wars fans is the mythology of the Sith, whether it is Darth Plagueis, Darth Bane, or Darth Revan; to the Jedi from Yoda, Mace Windu, or Quinlan Vos. Sure we got the prequels but is riddled with too much politics. Also, the action isn’t as impactful as it is in the animated series, where you get more emotion out of the characters.

The original films, which I contend is in the top three trilogies of all time. With that said, the action choreography is dated.

Eneba Many GEOs

And the newer sequel which touches on the Sith and the Dyad of the force, but those things are never expanded on in the movie and left more questions than answers; to those that do not read story dictionaries, watch the animated shows or play the video games.


Meanwhile, the animated shows go in detail with the mythology of the force, giving us incredible lightsaber battles that give you both fantastic fight choreography and emotion more so than the live-action counterpart. Giving the audience both style and substance that is executed to perfection something the live-action films lack.

The original films lack the style and finesse but have the substance. The prequels try to have too much style, but the execution of the content was not their (if anything it is because of Clone Wars that more people like the prequels.) The new sequel comes a little close to having a mix of style and substance when it has to deal with the action, but it is still not on the level of Clone Wars or Rebels.

If we get an animated film with even half of the budget that the Live-Action Star Wars film gets, I’m telling you so many people would be in love. Sure, The Live-Action makes a lot of money, but with each trilogy, there is always so much negativity, not from the general audience but the hardcore Star Wars fans.

When it comes to the animation series, they usually get so much hype, and many of the hardcore fans are happy with how it usually ends. Just imagine seeing an animated Star Wars animated movie having the quilty of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Everyone would fall in love, not just Star Wars fans, also the general audiences, and it would make more of a profit than the live-action counterpart.

Overall Thoughts

No matter how much the Star Wars film franchise is amazing they are a lot of alluring issues within the live-action films that need to be (should already have been) touched on. From the overall story arc, the action, organization, and pre-planning is the biggest thing Kathleen Kennedy and the team needs to work on.

This is just my opinion. Let me know your thoughts in the comments. Do you think they should keep the main focus with live-action films on the big screen and just leave the animation as a series on Disney Plus, or would you like to see both on the big screen?

Star Wars: Rise of the Skywalker Trailer

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