Starz ‘Outlander’ Season 6 Second Half Recap and Review

When We Last Left ‘Outlander’

When I last left the good folks on Outlander, Malva Christie had pulled up a chair (OK, her tippy toes) to watch Jamie and Claire doing what the Frasures always seemed to be doing. Little did they realize what her spying would be part and parcel to. Just as I had mentioned at the end of that episode, Malva had gone full blown stalker. In the 2nd half of the season, we learn what it was that Malva was up to. Apparently, she had learned enough and practiced enough in her lessons that she became with child. The question was, whose child was it? This is where her surveillance of Jamie and Claire came into play.

False Accusations

Claire, for her part, had become ill as had many of the people of the Ridge. While Brie, Lizzy and Malva looked after Claire, Jamie spent his time in prayer and distress while Claire struggled with her illness. It was while Jamie stood vigil over Claire, that she saw in her feverish vision what appeared to be Malva trying to give comfort to Jamie. The validity of her vision would come into question when later Malva would accuse Jamie of being the father of her child. For some reason, most the members of the Ridge were quick to believe this blasphemy. That’s gratitude for you.

Busy Malva

Come to find out, little Miss Malva had been with more than a few men. One of which, Mr. Henderson, Roger caught her with in the church. Malva displayed how vindictive she had become when she threatened Roger with telling the community that he had been kissing the Widow McCallum, whom he had been spending alot of time with. Even though it was untrue and all his time there all innocent, it did make Roger realize that for reasons of appearance, he should cut back on his help with the widow. However, it also revealed alot about Malva. Including the fact that gentleman was not the only person she had shared a dalliance with.

The Christies

After she revealed her pregnancy and had accused Jamie, Ian had come forth to Claire and admitted he too had laid with Malva. Just once, but he was prepared to claim the child, and marry her. As honorable as that was, Claire revealed to Ian that Roger had told her of what he had saw at the church. He didn’t need to claim a child that might not be his. Of course, most of the Ridge still believed Jamie was the father. Especially Malva’s father Tom and her brother Allan who seems quite upset with Jamie. All Tom wanted was for Jamie to agree to take care of Malva and “their” baby. But Allan tried to beat up Jamie. That didn’t go well. But it didn’t alleviate his anger…hmmmm.

The Tragedy of Malva

Time passed while Jamie and Roger had spent time with the Sons of Liberty. Just because things were going to hell in a handbasket at the Ridge, didn’t meant the American Revolution wasn’t progressing as history described. While Jamie was gone, the opinions of those on the Ridge hadn’t really changed, as they still believed Jamie had bespoiled Tom’s innocent little girl. Unfortunately, things went from bad to worse after he returned when Malva was found dead outside in Jamie and Claire’s Garden. Her throat had been slit. This was right after Claire (in an Ether induced nap) dreamed about threatening to kill Malva with a scalpal. Needless to say, finding her body with her throat cut was disturbing. But that didn’t stop her from trying to save Malva’s unborn baby. Too late. Although, being found with a now cut open Malva didn’t look too good in retrospect.

Claire Suspected

This proved to be the case as what seemed to be the norm these days, the community believed that Claire had indeed took out her vengeance on Malva. It didn’t help that Claire had not been able to report seeing anything due to her Ether Siesta. As it was, Tom told Jamie that they would need to bury Malva somewhere in the woods. She could not be buried in a “holy” cemetary due to her ungodliness. Of course, if they assume that Jamie had taken advantage of her, I’m not sure why SHE should be punished. But Tom and his family are a peculiar lot.

Jamie rebuffed this idea saying that she would be buried appropriately with Roger overseeing the ceremony. While they reluctantly agreed to it, they did object when during the ceremony Claire attempted to bring the baby’s casket as the paul bearers carried Malva. Allan rushed over to grab the baby away from her. Things were going badly. They also declined Jamie’s assistance when it was realized that they were one paul bearer short. Ian took the position instead.

Lizzy and the Beardsley Twins

But that was not all that was happening on the Ridge. There was also the Ballad of Lizzy and the Beardsley Brothers. Apparently, Lizzy couldn’t decide between the twin brothers as far as a paramour so she decided that two was better than one. However, she was now pregnant and she had no idea which brother was the father. Not exactly a good look with everything ELSE going on. But Jamie felt the need to nip this scandal in the bud. So Lizzy would marry one of the twins choosing which one by a random draw. The other brother would leave the Ridge until after the baby was born. Lizzy was not enthusiastic about this solution. She wanted both of them. But she followed through and was hand fasted to Kezzie, who had won the draw. Problem solved…not.

Apparently Lizzy had other plans rather than letting Josiah leave her and Kezzie. So she went to Roger with Josiah and asked him to marry them. Neither Bree nor Roger had known about the previous joining. They just thought that Lizzy and Josiah were just making their love known…due to the impending baby. So he also did a handfasting, taking a bit more time than Jamie’s two sentence version. Needless to say, Jamie would not be too happy to learn about Lizzie’s end around. Love is a complicated thing…and with Lizzy, Kezzie, and Josiah…a crowded one as well.

Outlander Season 6 2022 Episode 8 Claire Fraser (Caitríona Balfe) cr: Robert Wilson/Starz

The Committee of Safety

In the meantime, with public sentiment going against Claire, it was only a matter of time before the infamous “Committee of Safety” showed up to take her under custody. Their leader Richard Brown is the brother of the man whose group had kidnapped, assaulted and raped Claire: Lionel Brown. The same man that has been haunting Claire in her mind and leading her to take her enforced Ether naps. The situation isn’t helped since Richard believed that Jamie had killed Lionel (although it was really Marsali).

Needless to say, their expectations were proven correct as Brown and his posse showed up with orders to arrest Claire. Not as long as Jamie breathed. He and Claire sealed themselves inside their house as the Committee shot up the place. Claire and Jamie managed to shoot a number of them but they knew it would only be a matter of time before Brown and crew would attempt to burn them out.

A Compromise Reached

Before that happened, Lizzy and a number of Scotts showed up in support of Jamie and Claire. Hiram Crombie (Antony Byrne) arrives and requests an audience with Jamie. Seeing the direness of their situation, Jamie agrees to a parlay. Thinking perhaps that he can reason with the growing mob. It is decided that rather than taking Claire alone, Jamie would also go along. In addition, Tom Christie stepped forward and said that he will accompany the committee, to make sure they are safe. At least until a judge decides on Claire’s fate. However, Tom suggests that they start their journey in the morning and allowed Claire and Jamie to spend the night in their own bed. But guards would be left to make sure they stayed put until the morning. Jamie and Claire being…well, Jamie and Claire, took the time to make love during their last night at home.


As the group started the next morning, they ran into a problem. Each town they expected to use for Claire’s “fair trial” fell through and they had to travel toward Wilmington. But along the way, Jamie discovered that Ian had been following them. He wanted to rescue them but Jamie told him to hold off, but to continue to follow them. However, as the journey continued, the fairness of Claire’s trial was being put into more jeopardy. The Safety Committee extolled her guilt at every turn and every small town. Brown was losing control of his mob. But that was not all. During one of the stops, they lured Jamie to step off the wagon and they restrained him, allowing Brown and his remaining men to take Claire on to Wilmington. Jamie feared for Claire without his presence, even though Tom Christie continued to go along with Claire.

To Be Continued

As it turned out, the plan was for Jamie to be sent back to Scotland. They had tied him up against .a post and readying him for a trip aboard ship. But before they could proceed a series of arrows struck his captors. I believe we have found Ian and he was not alone. He had recruited the Cherokee. Chief Bird had told “Bear Killer” (Jamie’s Cherokee name) that he would fight with him. A man of his word. Soon Jamie, Ian and their Cherokee allies were riding toward Wilmington. With Claire now being held in a Wilmington jail, it will be a long time before we see the rescue attempt. At least production on season 7 has already started.


With the shortened season (due to the pandemic) things moved along pretty quickly. In fact, there were some story points that were almost heard but not seen (or scene). One was the disposition of Fergus and Marsali. The season started exploring Fergus and his unfortunate drinking problem. This came to a head once their son Henri-Christian was born with Drawfism. But after his failed suicide, he was sent away on a business trip by Jamie and the next thing you know, he was running a print shop in New Bern thanks to the generosity of Aunt Jacosta. Although Jamie wasn’t too pleased with this. Due to the upcoming Revolution, those who put out unpopular views were not too well received. While Jamie loved his Aunt, he still warned her that he would blame her if anything happened to Fergus. So just as quickly, both Fergus and Marsali were gone.

Events Not Scene

Another moment that was more narrative than visual was Ian’s confession about his tryst with Malva. While they did show Ian and Malva walking and discussing life in general, it was never hinted that he and Malva’s relationship had went beyond that. Although I admit, I did think they might have made a nice couple…before Malva displayed her darker side. Regardless, if the show follows Diana Gabaldon’s books, the reasons for Malva’s decisions and her demise should be revealed in the coming season. Along with what happens between Lizzy and her Beardsley Harem of two. Oh…and of course the resolution of Claire’s situation. What would Outlander be without either Claire or Jamie needing some rescuing? Not to mention a little thing called the American Revolution getting underway. No wonder Starz is promising a supersized Seventh Season.

As for Season Six as a whole, while it was abbreviated and at times took some storyline shortcuts, it was as always, intriguing and eyes glued to the screen viewing. In the meantime, we wait….and wait….and wait. Nothing new to the fans of Outlander thankfully. On the positive side, it allows those who have not yet seen what the fuss is all about to catch up. Either through Netflix or on Starz.