On November 6th, 1983, Will Byers disappeared.

We all know what happened to Will, and the rest of Hawkins, Indiana in the following weeks, months, and even years. And as we await the 3rd season of the hit show on Netflix, the streaming service released a hype video, Thursday morning, announcing that this year on November 6th, will be the first annual Stranger Things Day.

Essentially, the day will consist of everyone doing Stranger Things things. Whether that be eating waffles, riding bikes, dressing up as characters, or, my personal favorite, playing arcade games. While the more intense celebrating may be for the die hard fans, fans of all levels should keep an eye on the Stranger Things twitter page. Rumors are circulating that on November 6th, we’ll get the official release date for the 3rd season, a trailer, or both! Being as the 3rd season has already wrapped production, it could be coming sooner rather than later, so be sure to keep an eye out!

How will you be celebrating Stranger Things Day? Let us know in the comments below!

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