Supergirl: Being Super (Review 2020)

“My Dad has this theory that tragedy brings out the worst of people.”

Writer: Mariko Tamaki

Illustrated: Joëlle Jones, Sandu Florea

Colored: Jeremy Lawson

Lettered: Saida Temofonte

“Kara Danvers isn’t any different than any other teenager in her hometown. Problems with school, Problems with boys, Problems with friends. But while growing pains shake up Kara’s world, a series of earth-shaking events hits her hometown, leaving her with the choice of blending in with the crowd or being different. Being an outcast. Being super. This reimagining of Supergirl will appeal to fans of all ages and readers new and old, as the Girl of Steel flies face-first into the struggles that every teenager faces.” – DC Comics

Mariko Tamaki changing up Supergirl’s story a little bit to where she does not remember her past as a Kryptonian was genius, and in some ways, it is even better than Kal’El story. If you are just starting a comic book or you have been reading comics. Still, you can not figure out what to get Mariko Takaki ‘Supergirl Being Super’ is the way to go. Great character interactions. It is a fresh take on the Supergirl mythology, and it is relatable, especially if you are in your teens. But the most critical aspect is the art.  Joëlle Jones, Sandu Florea, Jeremy Lawson, and Saida Temofonte did a superb job!

“I know you are strong in so many ways, Kara. More ways than you know.”

The main topic that Mariko Tamaki touched on that resonated with me was to see how Supergirl would cope with death. When it comes to Supergirl or anybody that has a moral compass or has abilities that are beyond human nature, have this sense of responsibility. The responsibility to take care of the people they love and when they fail, it’s the pressure that holds them back from doing anything, and we see that in ‘Supergirl: Being Super.‘ We see Kara fail. We see her depressed, discouraged. But, that is when you have to get up, to find your strength, to find justice not just for the dead but also for the living, protect all those that need protection.

Eneba Many GEOs

“There can be no peace with a planet of savages.”

No one is born evil, and Mariko Tamaki understands that. One of the huge positives of ‘Supergirl: Being Super’ is the difference between Kara Zor’El and Tan-On from personalities, mannerisms, everything, and the is because of how they were both raised on Earth. One had a loving family, caring friends, and ultimately a great life, and the other was tortured, tested on, and because of that, a kind alien driven mad, filled with hatred. That difference is what makes these two characters compelling. But, it is just Kara and Tan-On that have a convincing relationship. Dolly Granger and Jennifer Bard, Kara’s best friends, are indeed what made me love this so much their friendship felt organic from being laughing, arguing, and being sad together. It was a beautiful friendship.

If you are just getting into comics, ‘Supergirl Being Super’ is a fantastic start. ‘Supergirl Being Super’ is filled with beautiful character moments, a great beginning of a story, and gorgeous art. Teens will be able to relate to Kara, and that is important to have when creating a captivating story.

Supergirl Being Super – Score: 9/10

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