‘Supergirl’: Season 6 Blu-Ray Review – Final Season Of Long-Running Arrowverse Show Ends On A High Note

In the sixth and final season, Supergirl is thrust into the greatest challenge of her life — forced to confront her own mortality, and the prospect of losing all hope. As her friends rally to help her in this difficult fight, a new Super-Villain arrives in National City and tests her resolve.

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Video Quality

Supergirl: The Complete Sixth and Final Season arrives on Blu-Ray with a very pleasing AVC encoded 1080p transfer in 1.78:1. The series is quite bright and colorful, just like the main character, and there are some beautiful instances of vibrant colors popping off the screen. Black levels are appropriately deep and give way to a nice amount of detail in shadows. The bright whites of the show do not fall victim to any blooming in this presentation. Skin tones appear very natural across the entire cast. The levels of detail this presentation is able to eek out is quite striking, as all of the subtle details in the production design are easily identifiable. There are no egregious instances of aliasing or compression artifacts detectable here. The show employs some inconsistent CGI at times, but that is not the fault of the transfer. The Blu-Ray presentation should please fans of the show. 

Audio Quality

This Blu-Ray comes with an incredibly active DTS-HD 5.1 Master Audio track that creates a truly enveloping world. Action sequences and more kinetic moments are given the appropriate power in the mix with a forceful showing in the low end. Ambient sounds are also precisely placed in the rear channels. The soaring score of the show often fills the room with triumphant music that perfectly complements the character. Dialogue always comes through crisp and clear without being stepped on by the powerful score or any sound effects. The audio track does not set out to bring the house down, but it gives the sounds being featured a lovely presentation. 

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Special Features

  • A Farewell Tribute To Supergirl: A 24-minute special in which the cast reflects on the series including how it changed their lives, how their characters evolved, their favorite moments, the “wildest” stunts, funny times on set, favorite interactions with fans and more. Participants include almost every main character from the six-season run outside of Jon Cryer and Calista Flockhart. It does the heart well to see everyone having fun with one another and sharing memories. 
  • Deleted Scenes: Seventeen minutes of deleted scenes are included here featuring the gang trying to rescue Kara, Dreamer having visions of her mom, squabbles at CatCo, Supergirl talking to Esme, more scenes at the bachelorette party and more. Many of these moments are presented with unfinished VFX. 


Final Thoughts

Supergirl: The Complete Sixth and Final Season finds a pivotal entry into the Arrowverse coming to an end. The journey had its bumpy moments, but the show really made an effort to send the show out on a high note with a compelling arc and really emotional character moments. Even if you have found recent seasons lacking, there is a renewed sense of energy as we say goodbye this season. Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has provided an excellent A/V presentation and some fun special features. If you are a fan of the show, there is no reason not to finish out your collection. Recommended

Supergirl: The Complete Sixth and Final Season will be available to purchase on Blu-Ray and DVD.  

Note: Images presented in this review are not reflective of the image quality of the Blu-Ray.

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Disclaimer: Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has supplied a copy of this disc free of charge for review purposes. All opinions in this review are the honest reactions of the author.

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