I shudder to think how this news will anger people, but according to a recent study, Superman is the most hated superhero movie franchise. The study looked at average Rotten Tomatoes score, with Superman earns an average of 48%.

Here is a quote from that study:

“For movies, we looked at all films which fall under each franchise, including subseries within a larger franchise (for example the likes of The Avengers, Iron Man and Captain America within the Marvel Cinematic Universe) and reboots of series (for example we took all the Spider-Man movies as one franchise, including those played by Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland).”

Here are the top five most hated superhero film franchises:

  • Superman: 48 percent
  • Batman: 59 percent
  • DC Extended Universe: 59 percent
  • Wolverine: 67 percent
  • X-Men: 67 percent

And here is the top five best superhero franchises according to the study:

  • The Incredibles: 96 percent
  • Guardian of the Galaxy: 89 percent
  • Captain America: 87 percent
  • Avengers: 86 percent
  • Deadpool: 85 percent

What do you think about this study? And what do you think about Superman?

Source: Money

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