Back in the nineties, sports betting was not so easy as today; you’d have to go and physically place a wager if you wanted to bet on your favorite team. With the advent of the internet and the establishment of online casinos, online betting emerged. Placing wagers on sporting events over the internet became very popular and much more convenient. With the emergence of cryptocurrencies, online betting leaped forward, with bitcoin being the most popular cryptocurrency to use. If you are new to the world of cryptocurrencies, bitcoin is a digital currency that has no physical form and is entirely independent of any central authority. Due to this independence, your anonymity when making online transactions is preserved. With this promising payment method, it is convenient to enjoy betting with lesser risk involved.

Playing online poker and slot machines using your credit card is a thing of the past now that we’re able to play free Bitcoin slots using cryptocurrency and have the privilege of cashing out our poker money without all the hassle that goes with conventional payment methods.

Advantages of Using Bitcoin for Ice Hockey Betting

A successful bet on your favorite ice hockey team is every die-hard fan’s dream. We don’t just want our team to win. We want to be involved through and through. Betting is a great way for fans to feel engaged with their team of choice. The advantages of betting with bitcoin cryptocurrency are manifold. The list below provides you with an overview of the features that make betting using bitcoin worthwhile.

Bigger Bonuses

Betting on your hockey team with bitcoin isn’t just advantageous for you – betting shops also benefit from this. Why? No sportsbooks want to deal with third-party institutions like banks! Often, the fees associated with withdrawing money from any account can be costly. With this in mind, sportsbooks are now incentivizing the use of bitcoin by offering attractive bonuses for bitcoin deposits.

Less Risk of Rejection

Up until now, in many countries, the online gambling industry rests on blurry legal grounds. This is why you see many sportsbooks establishing their centers of operations offshore and use multiple banks across the world to store bettors’ funds. Anytime you make a withdrawal using conventional methods, the third-parties involved have the authority to restrict your transactions; this is where Bitcoin’s decentralized nature comes in handy. When you make a Bitcoin transaction, you can rest assured that your transaction won’t be going through any third parties. Ice Hockey sportsbooks are no different in this regard; if anything, they’re actively promoting Bitcoin use.

Superb Security

Ultimately, security is what Bitcoin’s developer, Satoshi Nakamoto, takes pride in. Sending Bitcoin to your sportsbook doesn’t mean that you’re giving away your financial information. The only place where you’d be asked to verify your identity is when you purchase Bitcoin at an exchange. Aside from this, you’re able to buy anything on the internet anonymously where Bitcoin is accepted.

Types of NHL Bitcoin Betting

Now that you’re set on using Bitcoin for your next bet, you ought to go over the available NHL Bitcoin wagers.

Grand Salami – This one’s perhaps for the lazy bettors. It is basically a single number determined by the total goals scored in all the games of that specific night. Therefore, rather than watching each contest, you only bet “under” or “over”. If you bet “under” and the scores came out under the specified number – you win.

Moneyline Bets – This is the classic ‘bet on the winner’ type of wager.

Puck Line refers to the betting type where you decide to bet on the favored team. You’re almost sure that your team will win? Keep in mind that there’s also a higher risk involved – if your team loses to the underdog, you will lose more money as well. In this case, the underdog would have to win by just one goal for you to lose since hockey is a low scoring game, and every match starts with -1.5 goals for the favorite and +1.5 for the underdog in every puck line game.

Parlays – This one is for people who like to make more complex wagers and combine multiple bets into one. The way it works is that, instead of withdrawing your initial winning, you can combine it with the amount you’re planning to bet next in order to win a more significant amount. Usually, it is when two to ten bets are tied together, increasing your chances to win big but also, and more likely – to lose big.


We’re living in a fast world! We’re experiencing exponential growth in technology. With this, the way we go about indulging in any recreational activities are bound to change. Fortunately, betting on your favorite hockey team is no different.

Now that we’re able to deposit instantly using Bitcoins – days of slow transactions are gone for good. Withdrawing money may still not be as fast as we hoped for. However, compared to older methods such as wire transfer, withdrawals done via Bitcoin are about three orders of magnitude faster. Therefore, considering betting with Bitcoin is a wise decision for those who want speed, security, and efficiency.

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