Fans were really shocked at all of the snubs from the 2020 Oscar nominations. Particularly Jennifer Lopez, Eddie Murphy, and Adam Sandler. While many feel like these three actors deserved to be nominated, one actor has some really strong words for these snubs. Actor and longtime Academy member Terry Moore bluntly expressed her advice for Jennifer Lopez:

“Get over it.”

Moore added:

“I would have been shocked if she did get it.”

We’ve seen a lot of older generation directors and actors sniff their nose at the younger generation. It specifically started with Martin Scorsese stating that the Marvel movies were “not cinema”. While people caught up in the crosshairs of the Marvel/DC “war” have debated among themselves, it seems that the argument is much larger than comic book movies. There seem to be plenty in the Academy who do not view certain movies as “cinema”.

A longtime character actor and Academy member stated:

“First of all, ‘Hustlers’ is not an ‘Oscar movie.’ It’s a little too rough around the edges, and I’m assuming some other people in the acting category didn’t see it. Florence Pugh seems to have gotten the J.Lo spot — maybe because ‘Little Women’ is a prestige movie and she’s a bright, new star. Actors tend to think of Jennifer Lopez as a phenomenon more than an actress, per se. [It’s like last year, when] Lady Gaga lost the Oscar to Olivia Colman — a real actor’s actor.”

That same actor commented on Sandler’s performance in Uncut Gems:

“That [performance] was a tour de force. He’s emerging as a truly great actor, but then he does cheesy Netflix comedies that are really dumb.”

He continued:

“There are a lot of movies, a lot of performances per year for us to watch. Unfortunately, actors become brands. Sandler’s brand doesn’t scream ‘Oscar,’ but Leo DiCaprio’s and Jonathan Pryce’s do.”

It’s also being revealed that a big reason why some didn’t get nominated is for personal reasons. One example is Adam Sandler joking on the Howard Stern show:

“If I don’t get [the Oscar], I’m going to f–king come back and do [a movie] again that is so bad on purpose just to make you all pay.”

This is something that one voting member thought was disrespectful:

“There was an arrogance to [Adam]. It’s a lack of respect.”

Moore then commented on Eddie Murphy’s performance, essentially stating that she felt like he was “trying” for an Oscar: “I didn’t like his attempt for it.”

The other voting member from before though, did give some praise to Sandler and Murphy:

“If Adam Sandler has another great film, he’ll be nominated. If Eddie Murphy has another great film, he’ll be nominated.”

What do you think about these harsh comments towards those who were snubbed by the Oscars?

Source: NY Post

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