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The Batman Who Laughs #7 (Non-Spoiler)

Writer: Scott Snyder

Artist: Jock

Colors: David Baron

Letters: Sal Cipriano

Eneba Many GEOs

Cover: Jock

Variant Cover: David Finch and Tomeu Morey

It’s the final showdown between Batman and the Batman Who Laughs… but how do you defeat a foe who knows your every instinct and every move? Bruce Wayne will have to outsmart Bruce Wayne in this ultimate test of good versus evil. You can’t miss this finale to the epic miniseries that will tear up the very foundations of Gotham City!

Wow, Scott Snyder has done it again! Not only giving us a great story, but Scott Snyder has also probably topped his best Batman stories (Court of Owls, The Black Mirror, and All-Star Batman) with The Batman Who Laughs. Even though Scott Snyder has given us an incredibly written story, it is also thanks to Jock(artist), David Baron(Color), and Sal Cipriano(Lettering). Not only did they support the story, but they also enhanced it giving us a grotesque world that is worth exploring.

This has been a non-stop thrill-inducing ride, so much so that it can even be considered a negative to some readers. Scott Snyder has given us a story that is very suffocating, filled with nothing but action and horrific panels. This is probably due to the fact that it is a mini-series. Everything has to be concise and straight to the point. On another hand that exact negative can be a positive. Scott Snyder being forced to focus more on the main storyline; instead of having extra fluff that can take away from the main plot.

Jock is a force of nature! Everything he does he puts one-hundred percent effort into. He is honestly in my top five favorite artists of all time, along with Greg Capullo, Jim Lee, Todd McFarlane, and Alex Ross.

The character design of The Batman Who Laughs when we get into the perspective of Batman is truly horrifying and gruesome, which fits the character personality perfectly, not only the character the overall art is well down from composition of the characters and lettering, thanks to Sal Cipriano, and also the coloring which fits the mood and aesthetic of the story the whole team clearly has great chemistry. Which is why I am disappointed that they are not doing Batman/Superman #1, but am excited to see what this new team has to offer.

Now the question is, should you by The Batman Who Laughs? And that question is YES! If you want an engaging story from begging to end, incredible art this is definitely a must get!!

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