Mace and Sindel’s parents crash land on a planet devoid of human life or technologically advanced aliens. Mace, a brash teenager, argues constantly with his parents, upsetting his little sister. When Sindel runs off, Mace follows and the parents pursue. However, even though the planet has no spacecrafts doesn’t mean it lacks danger, as a giant, the ogre-like Gorax, nabs the adults and carries them off to his lair… This is the story of-

Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure! Before CGI characters, midichlorians, and hamfisted cameos, we had a simple story that plays like an old medieval fantasy written by Bob Carrau in his first project and directed by John Korty from various TV movies. The Children are played by Aubree Miller (who was only 4 at the time) and a 13 year old Eric Walker. Even most of the Ewok actors reprise their roles, including fan favorite Warwick Davis as Wicket!

Eneba Many GEOs

After some lighthearted slice of Ewok life, Wicket discovers the kids and brings them back to his tribe. Communication is lacking, but eventually tribal teddies learn the whole ordeal and set off on a quest to get the parents back. Along the way, the get help from a mischievous fairy, a witchy Ewok, and the rough and tumble Chukha-Trok. Together they must overcome the pitfalls and dangers of Endor; including man-eating boars, giant spiders, and magical drowning pools until they must face the Gorax himself.

Anytime someone likes to point out the fact that Empire Strikes Back is better than Return of the Jedi and uses the cute, cuddly Ewoks as a scapegoat, I must roll my eyes. This movie proves the Ewoks are proud, noble warriors living on a planet were the wildlife further dwarves our diminutive heroes. Those naysayers can keep their Wookies and their Life Day, I’ll take an Ewok Adventure anyday.

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