So much went on in episode six that it feels as if a review would do it a disservice. How can I properly convey the feelings that I experience as we learned more about Frenchie background? Regret and consequences played a common theme this episode. Not only with Frenchie, but with Queen Maeve as well. Butcher and Starlight had a non-traditional bonding moment. Kimiko returned to The Boys. We finally met Lamplighter. And Stormfront revealed her true intentions.

Frenchie’s Story Was the Heart of the Episode


When I turned on episode six, I was not expecting the story to focus so much on Frenchie’s backstory. It was truly beautiful and tragic to get more insight on this character. Tomer Capon really did a fantastic job in capturing the parts of this character that were vulnerable. Truly, this is a man who brings so much to the screen in every scene he is in and I truly loved what I saw of him this episode. Even if most scenes made me want to cry.

Speaking of emotional and accountability, this episode called back to the plane scene from season one. A scene that is so incredibly hard for me to watch. Even seeing it in a small dose felt traumatizing, which, is the visceral sort of reaction you should have to it. And it certainly was how Elena felt after seeing it in Queen Maeve’s apartment. While we didn’t get much of Maeve this episode, it’s clear how much she regrets the events of that day. Slowly, every player in the show (save a few) are planning their own ways to bring Homelander and Vought down.

It’s Never Good When Homelander and Stormfront Get Along

Except for Homelander and Stormfront. Who has formed a disturbing alliance with each other. While Homelander seemingly has grown possessive and needy in his relationship with Stormfront, the latter has different plans for the leader of the Seven. While we already knew Stormfront’s previous identity as Liberty and her racist tendencies, we find out even more shocking aspects of her past. Including how Vought is connected to her. And as abhorrent as her true motives are, it seems she’s said the right things to make Homelander get on board. God help everyone.

Shawn Ashmore as Lamplighter Is Everything You’d Hope For

I would also like to mention that Shawn Ashmore as Lamplighter added a really grounded insight into a dark moment in The Boys’ background. While Ashmore’s Lamplighter could have originally come off as one-dimensional and just completely villainous, Ashmore did a great job in adding layers to his character. I truly think that he lived up to the character we’ve heard about before and I hope we get to see more of him.

Rating: 4.5/5

Finally, episode six had Butcher and Starlight creep closer to understanding each other. Though, it took something happening to Hughie for that to even be a possibility. Still, it was good to see this happen. I don’t believe the two most important people in Hughie’s life being at odds with each other is healthy for him. So, seeing the two at least begin to be on the same page was refreshing. Every character is going to need to work together to take down the likes of Homelander and Stormfront.

What did you think of episode six of The Boys?

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