The Exorcist is coming back – now in the hands of horror extraordinaire Blumhouse Productions. Jason Blum’s production studio is teaming up with Morgan Creek to develop a sequel to The Exorcist. Halloween director David Gordon Green will also direct this sequel. Considering Blumhouse Productions have been putting out successful remakes and revivals of other horror films, such as Halloween and Invisible Man, it seems an Exorcist sequel is in the right hands. There’s no telling when production will begin on the film.

Jason Blum will also serve as producer on the film. The first Exorcist film that came out in 1973 and was a huge success. The film scared up an impressive $441.3 million dollars on a budget of $12 million. There have been other sequel’s to the Exorcist but none of them have lived up to the original.

Source: Observer

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