One of the best and possibly most underrated villains in the MCU is Zemo. While he did not throw a moon at Iron Man like Thanos or unleash an alien race on New York City like Loki, he accomplished something far worse. He split the Avengers. His plan in Captain America: Civil War was the reason several Avengers went into hiding, why the world viewed people like Cap in certain ways, and why Tony and Steve didn’t talk for years. Zemo is one of the best villains in the MCU and this episode of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier was completely owned by Daniel Brühl.

Slight Spoilers

Sam and Bucky are completely on their own mission away from John Walker and Lemar, even though the two groups’ main focus is taking down the Flag Smashers. However, I doubt Walker and Lemar would have been as willing to break out Zemo from prison as Bucky was. Hey, just because he’s not the Winter Soldier anymore doesn’t mean he’s going to always play by the rules.

Sam, Bucky, and Zemo Walk Into a Private Jet

Photo Credit: Marvel Studios

The first half of this episode admittedly felt slightly forced at times. The dynamic between Sam, Bucky, and Zemo felt, at times; unnatural. Though, I wonder if this was intentional. Zemo isn’t necessarily someone they should be teaming up with – he’s not only an enemy, but his personality is completely different than Bucky and Sam’s. In reality, the three of them shouldn’t be getting along, so despite the few moments of uneasy awkwardness, I really enjoy this episode.

Zemo Stands Out

Every great moment came from Zemo. From Zemo toying around with Bucky’s past, to finding out how utterly rich Zemo is. Brühl has this fantastic way of commanding the screen – you can tell how comfortable he feels in his character. It makes me want even more Zemo – even after this show. Just like Loki, the bad guy has such a great personality and way of words that you can’t help, but be more focused on them than the actual heroes of the story.

Respect Sharon Carter

Photo Credit: Chuck Zlotnick/Marvel Studios

In addition to Brühl, I also was happy to finally see Emily VanCamp return as Sharon Carter in this episode. Sharon is such an underrated character, with people not taking into account how much she contributed in Civil War. And VanCamp is such a great actress that it’d be awful to waste her. It was interesting seeing her life after Civil War and what she was forced to do to live once she helped out Team Cap. Sharon didn’t have the luxury others did and she got royally screwed, but her shrewdness and ability to adapt was very impressive. Plus, her fight scenes were pretty badass.

Rating: 4/5

Who will get to the Flag Smashers first? What’s going to happen with John Walker? We have three episodes left, so I’m interested in seeing where this show goes next.

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