Eneba Many GEOs

Indeed ladies, gentlemen, and everyone in-between, the blessed day is finally upon us, and I can exclaim with great relish that it is good. The first trailer for Monster Hunter was finally released and we got our first looks at some of the crazy spectacles to come. Taking the lead is videogame film resident Milla Jovovich. She is known predominantly for her roles in the Fifth Element, the Resident Evil films, and most recently the Hellboy reboot, and now she’s back to show us just what it takes to slay some monsters.

trailer courtesy of IGN

From the looks of things, Sony and company have spared no expense in their attempt to bring the videogame phenomenon to the silver screen. The trailer shows us Artemis, Milla Jovovich, and her team as they are transported, presumably, from our world to the world of Monster Hunter. There we see the Hunter, played by the amazing Tony Jaa, and a slew of massive monsters. The goal then presents itself, close the portal that took the team here and get home themselves.

How Hard Can It Be Clarkson GIF | Gfycat

Very. Very, very hard. Near the end of the trailer we get some great shots of Jovovich and Jaa working together with some very Monster Hunter looking swords, guns blazing, and possibly the coolest looking bow I’ve ever seen. Will Artemis and the Hunter close the portal? Will they get her team home? And the biggest question of all…will it be awesome?! Thankfully we don’t have much longer to wait. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, Monster Hunter will be hitting screens on December 30th.

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