The Flash’s Grant Gustin Will Star as Frank Sinatra Jr.’s Kidnapper in Indie Film ‘Operation Blue Eyes’ Directed by Joe Mantegna

Grant Gustin is mostly known for his role as Barry Allen on The CW’s The Flash, but he’ll be playing a slightly different kind of character in Operation Blue Eyes. In this project, which will be directed by Criminal Minds’ Joe Mantegna; Gustin will play Frank Sinatra Jr.’s kidnapper, Barry Keenan. Set in 1963, the movie will center around the wannabe “stock tycoon” [Keenan] as he comes up with a scheme to kidnap Junior and hold him for $240,000 ransom.

In real life, Keenan was sentenced to life for his actions, but he only served four and a half years before being released. Considering we all know Gustin as the good-natured Barry Allen, it will be interesting to see Gustin play such a despicable character. It’s also interesting that Mantegna will direct this indie film; it’s something to keep an eye out for!

What do you think about this upcoming project?

Source: Deadline

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