Lionsgate Home Entertainment has announced that they will be releasing the History Channel’s original miniseries The Titans That Built America on DVD on October 12, 2021. Executive produced by Academy Award® winner Leonardo DiCaprio (The Revenant), this 3-part miniseries follows the rise and rivalries of five titans of industry — Pierre du Pont, Walter Chrysler, J.P. Morgan Jr., Henry Ford, and William Boeing — as they unite against a common enemy during WWII.

The series is narrated by Campbell Scott and stars Gerald Kyd (TV’s “Cold Feet”), Cillian O’Gairbhi (TV’s “Irish Crime”), Peter O’Meara (TV’s “Knightfall”), Grant Masters (TV’s “Silent Witness”), and Ian Toner (TV’s “Dead Still”).

Synopsis: Executive produced by Academy Award® winner Leonardo DiCaprio, the complete miniseries THE TITANS THAT BUILT AMERICA chronicles the evolution and intense rivalries of five post-war giants of industry: Pierre du Pont, Walter Chrysler, J.P. Morgan Jr., Henry Ford, and William Boeing. Out of the ashes of WWI and the Great Depression, a new crop of bold innovators creates new industries — from automobiles and airplanes to buildings and munitions — and rebuilds our nation. After years of competing with each other, these industry titans must unite during World War II to help defeat the world’s greatest enemy.

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