The Many Saints of Newark is currently playing on HBO Max and stars many big names, including Corey Stoll. The actor, who is known for his roles in Billions, Ant-Man, and House of Cards; plays Junior Soprano in The Sopranos prequel film. Playing the younger version of the character who played a big role in the original HBO show, Stoll describes how he got in character. Specifically, Junior’s famous line, “your sister’s c*nt”:

“Sometimes shouting it, sometimes whispering it. But there’s something about those three words that just brought me right into character.”

Stoll also revealed that he watched Dominic Chianese originally play the character in The Sopranos:

“It was super helpful to see that Dominic Chianese, kind of like me, was always a little bit older than his years. It was good to see that I didn’t have to do back flips to make him a young man. Just being in my body and in my voice, that is different enough.”

Stoll continued:

“He has this staccato — he can speak very quickly and ratatat — and then he also has this wistful, lyrical mode that he goes into.”

The Many Saints of Newark is now on HBO Max. You can check out my review here. What’d you think of the Sopranos prequel?

Source: Insider

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