The Most Popular US Sports Teams

GVN Yankees

There are hundreds of fantastic sports teams throughout the United States and many fans choose to back a team based on their location. However, there are some teams that attract fans from right across the country and throughout the world. These are the most popular US sports teams and we begin with the New York Yankees.

Participating in Major League Baseball, the New York Yankees is the most successful team in the history of the competition. They hold the record for most World Series appearances and have won 27 World Series titles. New York Yankees may not have tasted a great deal of success in recent times but that does not seem to have diminish their huge fan base, which includes over 8 million fans on Facebook and over 3 million fans on Twitter. The New York Yankees baseball cap is worn by people around the world and they are without doubt one of the most popular US sports teams.

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Changing sport and the Denver Nuggets are one of the most popular basketball teams. Playing in the National Basketball Association, Denver Nuggets joined the league in 1976 but have yet to make an appearance in the NBA Finals. They have had several players in the hall of fame, including Allen Iversen, George McGinnis, Charlie Scott, and Bobby Jones plus have over 1 million followers on Twitter and 2 million fans on Facebook. Should Denver Nuggets win the NBA Finals, this number is only going to increase. A lot of the operators listed on Gamble Colorado have them highly tipped to win the league this coming season.

Staying with basketball and using Facebook as a guide, there is not a more popular team in the United States than the Los Angeles Lakers. The team holds several records, including a total of 31 NBA Finals, winning 16 times. The popularity of the Lakes is not only due to their success but also the legendary players they have had on their books over the years. LeBron James, Wilt Chamberlain, Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal, and Magic Johnson are just some of the stars to have graced the court for the Lakers. At the time of writing, the Lakers have over 21 million followers on Facebook, which is incredible.

Basketball is a massive sport in the United States and another team to have a huge following in the NBA is the Chicago Bulls. The team boast a 100% win record in the finals and have 6 titles to their name, the last of which came in 1998. The Chicago Bulls logo is perhaps one of the most recognizable in world sport and despite not having won the NBA Championship for over 20 years, the fan base has continued to grow. For many people, Chicago Bulls was the home of the greatest basketball player of all time in Michael Jordan and the Bulls have a combined total of over 20 million fans on Facebook and Twitter.

Some of the other leading sports teams in terms of popularity in the US include Golden State Warriors, Miami Heat, Cleveland Cavaliers, Boston Celtics, Dallas Cowboys, and New England Patriots.

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