The mystery continues in the third episode of HBO’s The Outsider. In episode three, Ben Mendelsohn’s Ralph Anderson continues to search for clues to solve the murder of a young child and clear the deceased accused murderer’s name. I will have to admit that this episode moved a little slower than the previous two episodes, but did give more insight on what might actually be going on in this small town.

Slight Spoilers

Episode three, known as Dark Uncle; really served as an introduction to Cynthia Erivo’s Holly Gibney. Holly is an unusual person, but considering the unusual nature of the case, she’s brought in to help solve it. A P.I. with a stellar memory and a unique way of looking at the world. We also get a little bit of a background on her character, which would be weird for someone to reveal so much when first meeting someone, but as we said, Holly is weird. Which, is exactly the kind of person that is needed for this case. Holly brings up the idea of the theory that everyone has a non-blood related identical twin out in the world and she surmises that this may be the explanation for Terry’s “two places at once” dilemma. But, considering what else happens in the episode, I’m not so sure that that is the explanation. I did mention in my previous review that I will not look at the description of Stephan King’s book, so as to not ruin anything for myself.

There isn’t much to say for season three, other than I am still invested in this show. Mendelsohn wasn’t in this episode as much as the previous two, but enough to satisfy my Mendelsohn craving. Holly is an interesting addition that I look forward to seeing more. There are a lot of moving factors in this episode, so we will have to see what happens next. I would love to know what you think about episode three of The Outsider!

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