A Beginner’s Guide to New World

Going into a new MMO can be overwhelming for some people, and with New World being one of the most hyped games at this time, there’s a lot of content to go over.

The behemoth of an MMORPG certainly took the world by storm, with New World being one of the trendier games that are hyped this time around. During its closed beta periods in July and September, Amazon Game Studios has compiled all of the feedback that they’ve received during that time and has now released the full game to the public. Going into an MMO completely blind can be overwhelming for a lot of people. Not know what to do, how to craft, which server to stay in, can all easily be jumbled inside their head and lead to a mental boom. Jumping into the world of Aeternum sounds fun and all, but players first need to know the basics of what to do such as how to farm New World coins and New World items before they start exploring the island like a headless chicken.

Go On A Diet Perhaps?

When seeing powerful New World items such as armor, it’s tempting to just slap it on. That is understandable since it gives a player’s character better stats and a higher survivability rate to boot, but folks need to know that the gear that they equip contributes to their overall weight. This can not only affect how slow or fast they can move around, but can also affect how well they’re able to dodge attacks. The weight of a character can be seen illustrated by the vertical bar next to their armor slots in their inventory. What’s more, New World adds up the total weight of a character’s New World items (armor and shield). This, in turn, designates a player’s gear into three categories: Light, Medium, or Heavy. Depending on the equipment load level of the player, they can gain different drawbacks as well as benefits in combat.

For players that have a Light weight, they’ll be able to roll dodge and gain a +20% damage bonus. For players that have a medium weight, they can only do a sidestep dodge but gain +10% damage bonus and +10% crowd control. As for Heavy weight players, they get to have +20% crowd control and +15% blocking, but they’ll only be able to do a slow sidestep dodge.

Depending on what a player goes for, their weight can affect how they’re able to do combat. For those that are planning to go for a tougher build and wouldn’t mind sacrificing mobility in exchange for a higher defense, then being categorized as Heavy is the way to go. But for those that want a more evasive style in exchange for their defense, then maintaining a Light weight is key.

Unlocking Fast Travel

Fast travel is arguably the most useful aspect of New World, why is why players must prioritize it above else. After doing the first few quests in New Worlds, players will be greeted with a large settlement area where they can buy all sorts of wares or simply just relax. Although there are plenty of quests to take there, it also pays to do a bit of exploring. This is because players can unlock Fast Travel Shrines should they happen to stumble upon them. Fast Travel Shrines are essentially portals that make the process of getting around more straightforward. Gone are the days where they would have to trek on foot to get to another area–Fast Travel Shrines is the future!

Choosing A Faction

Another important aspect that players need to take in New World is choosing a faction. There are three factions to choose from once they reach a certain part of the main questline in the game. The three factions are The Syndicate, The Marauders, and The Covenant. Now, aside from the aesthetics, there are a couple of factors that players need to keep in mind when trying to choose which faction is the right one for them. All of the three factions control different parts of the map and will vary, depending on the server. As the factions will also battle each other for territory, the best move to make is to join a faction that’s the dominant one on the player’s server. But should players change their mind and what to join another faction instead, they can only do so after 120 days have passed since joining their previous faction.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, getting started on one’s character’s path to greatness in New World is no easy task. And with the MMO just recently out, there’s still a lot to learn and explore in the world of Aeternum. There are still so many New World items to know of and quests to get New World coins from. Since New World is set to have an expansive world that constantly evolves, this is the best time for curious gamers to dive into the game. What do you think of New World? Do you think it’s a contender to become one of the best MMOs of all time? Let us know down below.

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