If you thought that The Suicide Squad having a lot of star power meant that they’re safe, you’re wrong. Director James Gunn reveals that the studio gave him free rein to eliminate any character he brought into the fold. That even means Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn!

“They said I could keep [all the characters] or do away with them all. I could do a completely new squad – which I considered – and they said, ‘You can kill anyone.’ Warner were pretty much on board [with the story] from the beginning – it was pretty much firmly in place from the inception of me taking on the project. They were very trusting of me throughout the entire process, almost to the degree to which I was frightened, because it really is all me, 100 per cent – there’s no one to blame if something goes wrong, except for myself!”

Photo Credit: Warner Bros Pictures

Gunn also went into Warner Bros. offering him any project he wanted:

“Warner came a-calling pretty immediately upon the news. I think everything kind of went down [with Disney] on like a Friday, and I think by Monday, Warners were trying to get a hold of me to talk to me about Superman and a bunch of other stuff. But it took me a little while to decide what I was going to do – I really just needed to take care of myself from an emotional and spiritual place.

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

He continued:

“Before agreeing to anything, I took the three ideas that excited me the most. Two were actually DC projects, and then the other one was an original idea. For about a month, every other day I worked on one of those projects, trying to see where the ideas would go. The Suicide Squad really did seem the thing that excited me the most. That’s when I went and told DC – because they’d offered me basically anything [I wanted to make] – that the one I wanted to do was The Suicide Squad.”

Who else is super excited for The Suicide Squad? Who do you think won’t make it to the end?

Source: Total Film

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