Top Ten College Football Teams: 2021 Edition

With the first weekend’s action complete in the 2021 NCAA College Football season, fans, pundits, and betters are already discussing team rankings.

There are so many incredible football teams looking to make history with their colleges, which is why college football team stats can come in handy to compare the greatness of top teams.

Rankings of the best college teams are an outstanding way to assess the chances of a specific team going all the way this year.

Below are the top ten college football teams in 2021, based on our analysis from pre-season.

1. Alabama

Considering Alabama went the entire 2020 season unbeaten, there is little surprise in seeing them at the very top of such a list. One of the reasons why some fans and pundits felt Alabama may fall away was the sheer number of players they lost to NFL teams in the off-season. The coaching staff have, however, put together another outstanding roster that features some of the biggest prospects in college football.


2. Clemson

With six consecutive titles in the ACC Division, Clemson are another team that everyone will want to beat in 2021. They went 10-2 last season, which will be the type of record that can bring them greatness again. Losing both Trevor Lawrence and Travis Etienne is not helpful, but Clemson has put together a brilliant roster of players that will be able to get the job done for their coaches.

3. Georgia

One of the reasons why pundits believe that Georgia can go all the way this season is due to their outstanding defense. They have some incredible talent in the defensive line, which should see them dominate most opponents for the amount of time spent on the field. Pass rusher Adam Anderson is one who will be hoping to build on his impressive last season, as most people expect him to take on an even bigger role with the team in 2021.

4. Oklahoma

Oklahoma has faced a familiar issue in the past few years. The team has some outstanding talent on the offensive end, but they struggle to show their best on defense. That is what they are hoping to correct this season, as the coaching staff have put a lot of work into recruiting talented high school players on the defensive end. If they can keep out other teams, their offense is good enough to beat anyone.

5. Ohio State

With Ohio State going an impressive 7-1 last season, they will be hoping to exert their dominance on the Big Ten one more time. The Buckeyes are the conference kings, having won the past four iterations, and their coach Ryan Day is known for his shrewd tactics and use of the roster at his disposal.


6. Texas A&M

Despite having a 9-1 record in the past season, there are some who believe Texas A&M may fall away a little this season. They do have a very good roster, but they have lost some key players. Kellen Mond is no longer with them, which means both Haynes King and Zach Calzada will be looking to grab that starting spot at quarterback. Another issue for the team is the offensive line, which lost four starters in the offseason.

7. Iowa State

There was a time when Iowa State was happy to find themselves in a bowl game, but their expectations have changed in the past few years. Coach Matt Campbell has ushered in some significant improvements, which is why they are entering 2021 as one of the teams to watch in the Big 12. While they are likely to fall short of Oklahoma, they are clipping the wings of their rivals, which should make for some outstanding matchups in 2021.

8. Cincinnati

Considering the team went 9-1 last season, there may be some surprise at seeing Cincinnati so far down on this list. The reality is that despite having an outstanding, undefeated regular season last time around, Cincinnati did lose a few key starters. They will be counting on those who are returning to usher in the new faces and ensure their rhythm is unaffected. Their player to watch is Desmond Ridder at quarterback.

9. Notre Dame

Very few people are expecting Notre Dame to go undefeated in the regular season in 2021, after they managed the feat in 2020. They are, however, one of the favorites to enter the latter stages of the season in prime form. The only issue for the Irish is that some of their key weaknesses, which were exposed by the likes of Clemson and Alabama last season, are still present in the roster.


10. Oregon

Despite having a mediocre season in 2020 with a 4-3 record, Oregon have made some very impressive moves in the off season. They have recruited very talented players from high school teams, ensuring they go into this campaign as one of the sides that could surprise a more fancied name in a big matchup. Their two key players are Travis Dye and CJ Verdell, who went for a combined yardage of 1,000 rushing in 2020. If those two can improve, Oregon is a scary prospect in 2021.

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