When Netflix released The Witcher for public consumption, they were hoping for a positive reaction. For the most part that’s exactly what they have received. Not everyone liked the show but more than enough did to make show runner Lauren Hissrich excited for what the second season will reveal. Among those revelations will be the path the show favorite Jaskier will be on as played by Joey Batey.

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Recently, Hissrich talked with Redanian Intelligence about one of her favorite moments with the character and how she will expand his story:

One of my favorite moments with Jaskier is from Episode 106, when he and Geralt are sitting on the cliff’s edge, and he says: “I’m just thinking about what pleases me.” You have this character who has quite literally attached himself to the coattails of our Witcher, in order to rustle up material for songs. But what happens instead is… he finds a friend. Jaskier starts to think about what he needs and wants in the world, and in season two, we’ll see him begin to discover it.

This will be good news for those fans who have embraced the character along with Henry Cavill’s Geralt, Freya Allan as Ciri and Anya Chalotra as Yennefer. Are you excited to see what the 2nd season has in store for Geralt and Jaskier? Share your thoughts with us at GeekVibesNation.

Source: Cozmicbook.Com

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