Now that we have finished our Christmas activities and are closing in on a new year, we can set our sights on what’s on the horizon. The answer is: a great deal. From film to television, 2020 is going to offer a infinite variety of entertainment for us to peruse. And more importantly, discuss. Let’s take a look at some of what’s coming in 2020.

Bad Boys for Life: January 17

The team of Will Smith and Martin Lawrence once again bring the Bad Boys back to the screen. While original director Michael Bay is not involved with Bad Boys for Life, producer Jerry Bruckheimer once again overseeing the film. This time Directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah of Black and Gangsta put the Bad Boys through their paces.

The Voyage of Dr. Doolittle: January 17

After the original film with Rex Harrison, and a pair of  so-so films starring Eddie Murphy, Robert Downey Jr. is ready to take up the mantle of Doctor Dolittle. Directed by Stephen Gaghan (Gold, Syriana), this film will be based more on the second book by author Hugh Lofting. It also stars Antonio Banderas and Michael Sheen, along with the voices of Tom Holland, Marion Cotillard, Selena Gomez, John Cena, and Emma Thompson.



Margot Robbie’s spirited Harley Quinn was first introduced in Suicide Squad. Her popularity in that film brought about a discussion of a Joker/Harley Quinn film with Jared Leto. While that didn’t happen she instead joined the Birds of Prey, DC’s all-female team of adventurers. Joining Robbie will be Jurnee Smollett-Bell and Mary Elizabeth Winstead, in the roles of Black Canary and Huntress. Rosie Perez, plays Renee Montoya and their main antagonist will be Ewan McGregor as the Black Mask.

Sonic the Hedgehog: February 14

Just in time for Valentines Day, Sonic makes his long awaited journey to the big screen. This was not without some cosmetic work. The first trailer for this film adaptation of the classic video game drew the ire of Sonic fans. Don’t mess with a classic look. This prompted the studio to announce that it would be updating the look of the character. Because of the necessary revamp of Sonic, the film was pushed back from its original 2019 release date. The new and improved or classic version was revealed in November and its a thumbs up from Sonic fans.

Mulan: March 27

Undaunted by the mixed success of previous “Live Action” adaptations of their classic animation, Disney jumps into the fray once again with Mulan. Directed by Niki Caro of Whale Rider and North Country fame, Mulan features Chinese star Liu Yifei as the titular character and a host of other Chinese legends like Donnie Yen, Gong Li, and Jet Li. We’ll see if the absence of Mushu the dragon or the iconic songs prove to be an issue for the film.

No Time to Die: April 8

Besides sharing my wife and my wedding anniversary date, the more important thing is that Daniel Craig returns for (presumably) one last fling as 007. True Detective director Cary Fukunaga takes the helm for the 25th James Bond film. Craig is joined by series regulars Ralph Fiennes, Naomie Harris, Rory Kinnear, and Ben Whishaw.  Best Actor-winner Rami Malek plays the film’s required main villain.

Black Widow: May 1st

Never one to let a minor thing like a characters death get in the way, Marvel takes a look into the past of Natasha Rominoff, aka The Black Widow. This will be the first Marvel property to kick off its new Phase 4. Scarlett Johansson will be joined by David Harbour, Rachel Weisz, and Florence Pugh.

Wonder Woman 1984: June 5th

With the huge success of Patty Jenkins Wonder Woman, it was without question that a sequel was in the offing. What wasn’t initially expected was the Jenkins and the studio would decide to set the film back from an original 2019 showing until 2020. This time, Bridemaids’ Kristen Wiig climbs aboard the Wonder Woman sequel in the role of Cheetah. The film is set during the Cold War in the ’80s and stars Pedro Pascal as Maxwell Lord and finds Chris Pine reappearing as Wonder Woman’s love interest Steve Trevor. This is despite his apparent death in the first film. Of course, this is a comic book film after all.

Eneba Many GEOs

Top Gun: Maverick: June 26

Tom Cruise revisits the world of Top Gun as he once again plays Pete “Maverick” Mitchell. Val Kilmer returns as “Iceman” with Miles Teller, who will play Goose’s son. So if you are a fan of the original, Top Gun Maverick is probably on your must list.

This is just a small taste of the Cinema goodness coming our way. There is not enough room to include all that’s on the way. Needless to say that GeekVibesNation will stay on top of all of them as they approach. We will be your one stop shop for all the information, reviews and most importantly a venue for your opinions. Let’s dive into 2020 together.

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