Just last week, we saw Nintendo make the announcement for the latest and only free update that players can look forward to playing from their Animal Crossing New Horizons. In addition to this, there has also been the announcement of a joint paid update called Happy Home Paradise DLC, which is set to hit the Nintendo Online shop on November 5. With such a huge update only weeks away, here are things you may have missed out on from checking out the announcement just the once.

In the meantime, if you are biding your time for the update on its way, check out the Esports Bettings sites available, which should most definitely keep you occupied until November 5th and Nintendo’s biggest and anticipated updates of 2021.

The big update and gaming news for Nintendo was the New Horizons 2.0. While Nintendo made sure to state that this is in fact, the last free update Animal Crossing fans can ever look forward to again for New Horizons, Nintendo made sure not to leave anything out, and it is very, very exciting what is to come.

Yoga Mornings with Brewster

So, you have probably picked up on the addition of Brewster and his cafe into the update, right? Well, did you know that Brewster will also be having additional yoga sessions in the morning, at the Plaza town hall, where you and your towns citizens can practice together, to gear up for the rest of your day? Is this cool, or is this cool? Using the joycon of your Switch, you will be able to follow through on the yoga actions and stretches and really b-r-e-a-t-h-e.

Weed ordinance

Those weeds that grow all around the island are super annoying, that we know. While sometimes you can use them towards supplies and building materials, most of the time they can come back in huge excessive amounts, which really can be a pain to clear out. This feature available at the town hall, will allow you to be done with the job all in one go! To access this feature, you simply click from Isabelle’s new available options: ‘Beautiful Island Ordinance’.

Customisation of fencing

The fence customisation could not have come at a better time. While there are so many aesthetically pleasing fences in the game itself, Animal Crossing has finally given access for players to customise it, as if it was furniture. By using the customisation tools that you can purchase from Nooks, you can choose from many colours and make sure your fences match the overall island aesthetic that you are aiming for.

Cooking and bake-offs

The new update is bringing a bake off to your own home kitchen. Yes. You will be able to cook and utilise newly introduced ingredients, so that the new recipes feature can be introduced and brought to life. Think of your building workshop space, but alternatively you have cookies, baking jars and multiple knick-knacks to make Michelin star meals an actual thing in Animal Crossing. It will just be a matter of time until you can re-enact all the domestic cookery dreams you have been dreaming for.

Town residents can stop by uninvited

If you have been a fan of Animal Crossing for a while, you may remember the time when residents could stop by through appointments with you. Well now, residents have a new upgrade too, they can stop by unannounced and hang out in your own personal space. They will look around and check out your interiors, so make sure it is up to standard. Eeek…

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