Thor 4 is Happening: Taika Waititi Back to Direct, Akira Paused Indefinitely


Fans, this is major! The Hollywood Reporter has just put out an article that states that Taika Waititi has just signed a deal to write and director Thor 4.

We must first sit down and become excited when we realize a fourth Thor is actually happening. It had seemed that the third four and Avengers: Endgame would be the last we’d see of Chris Hemsworth. While the actor had expressed that he’d like to reprise his role as the God of Thunder in the MCU, nothing was for sure. Waititi really did wonders for the character in Thor: Ragnarok, which ranks pretty high in mine and probably most fans’ MCU list. Now, we will not only get another Thor, but it’s going to have Waititi on its side, so we already know it’s going to be good.

While this is certainly cause for celebration, it should be noted that Waititi’s involvement here means that his Akira project will have to be pushed back. When we say that, THR is stating that it’s on pause indefinitely. Originally meant to be released May 21, 2021, this date would conflict with Thor 4. It’s unknown what Warner Bros. will do now, but sources say that the studio wishes to keep Waiti involved. They hope to have him revisit the project after Thor 4.

Are you excited for Chris Hemsworth and Waititi returning for a fourth Thor movie?