[vc_row][vc_column][vc_single_image image=”21149″ img_size=”798×420″ alignment=”center”][vc_column_text]As I have stated in the past, among my many passions is Marvel’s Agents of Shield. Last season, the crew did a bit of time jumping during their trip to space and their conflict with the Kree. So much so that the present Leopold Fitz who was left behind, had put himself in a cryogenic chamber to wait and catch up to his team that had been sent to the future. Got it? Then to complicate things, the former past Fitz who is now the future version returns to the past with the rest of the team. That version gets himself killed. But now that future Fitz is kaput, the team wants to track down past frozen Fitz before he can get to the future. This is where it gets confusing. It would seem that when future Fitz helped change the past, then the extra past Fitz would not be there at all. But if he disappears, then past Fitz doesn’t become future Fitz and help save the day. This is why time manipulation can cause so much trouble or at least the onset of a migraine. So why is any of this important? Because it is that kind of time paradoxes that get involved in Avengers: End Game.

But before we get any further, it’s time for a quick public service announcement. If you have NOT seen Avengers End Game yet, you need to stop  right here. Go on, stop reading and go back to our home page and select something else from any of our great writers. We are about to discuss a plot spoiler and you do not want to ruin your enjoyment of the film by knowing more than you need to know. As for the rest of you, let’s continue on.

As many fans had surmised, the resolution that the team arrives at has to do with the Quantum Realm and some trips in time to retrieve some stones you might have heard of. In these journeys, they encounter not only important people from their pasts but in some cases, their past selves. The trick was supposed to be to avoid such circumstances. But since things seldom work out as they are planned, they did have to do some improvising along the way. Especially where or when, the team of Cap, Tony and Scott Lang ended up in 2012 and the Chitauri invasion. In this case, Cap accidentally runs into his past self and gets into a fight. His past self mistakes his future self as Loki in one of his disguises. See how messed up that stuff can get? Fortunately future Steve makes himself an opening when he tells his past self that Bucky is alive. This distracts him long enough for future Steve to subdue past Steve. The importance of the Saga of the two Steve’s is the main premise I am trying to discern at the end of the film. Here’s my dilemma:

When everything is resolved and the dead are mourned, Steve agrees to make one last jump to return the stones where they belong. However, after he accomplishes this, he apparently took some “time” for himself and comes back an old man. He seems happy and brings his Shield to pass it on to Sam, with the apparent blessing of Bucky. Steve is wearing a wedding ring, but refuses to talk about the circumstances or the girl on the other end of that ring. We all know who that is however, especially when they jump back and show a closing shot of a young Steve and his dancing partner Peggy Carter. It was beautiful and I love that Steve gave himself that. He had given his country every ounce of service and sweat and loyalty he had. It is good that he got to live the life he should have. Even Peggy in the future on her sick bed had told Steve she had lived a life, her only regret was that Steve never got to live his, and now he has. So all is well, and hearts and flowers all around. But….then I had to ruin things by thinking. You would think by now I would have broken myself of that bad habit. So here’s my thoughts….or my “Conundrums” if you will.

Eneba Many GEOs

What time did Steve re-enter Peggy’s life? Before the war ended? After the war ended? From the cars passing by it might have been after. What importance does it make? If it was AFTER the war, then past Steve would have still been frozen in the ice when future Steve arrived. Sound familiar? So while future Steve is living the happy life with Peggy, his other self is still a Cap-cicle. Now that people believe that Captain America is alive, do they even bother looking for the frozen version? Did Steve and Peggy have Children? If so they were probably the smartest, most bad ass children ever. Did Peggy still found Shield? Did Steve continue in the hero business or did he find some other job to occupy his time? Maybe he taught Civics to young aspiring minds or counseled veterans on dealing with stress like Sam did? Somewhere between the dance and the old man there is a lot of story there. I myself would have loved to have seen the reunion. I bet it was one for the ages. Hey Disney+ and Marvel, you have a well spring of stories available here. How about it? It will help make up for pulling the ripcord on Agent Carter after two seasons. Just sayin.’

So did you like the way they concluded Steve’s story? Does the possible incongruences in time bother you? Feel free to share your time displacement theories with us at GVNation. If you don’t know what I’m talking about….didn’t I tell you to stop  up there? You never listen…or read…or whatever…[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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