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The season premiere continues the apocalyptic events of last season as Trigon sets out to win the Titans over to his side by embracing their inner darkness. – DC Universe 

“We are back bitches!” – Jason Todd

You wanna know why this is not an ”A”? Even though I consider this episode INCREDIBLE! I am royally pissed; this should have been the last episode of Season one, not the first episode of season two other than that I loved it.

The character growth in Titans Season two is well developed. Characters like Dick, Gar, Rachel, and Kori since the Season one same with Hank and Dawn, other aspects like Diana, Jason, will have a more significant character arc in this season. The big question is, was this a great start of season two of Titans? I will say yes and no. It upsets me that they couldn’t make the first thirty-five minutes of the show last season’s episode. Then focus on the last fifteen minutes and added more for the first episode of season two.

The last fifteen minutes of Titans were honestly the best part of the show because we finally got more development of the story and fresh new faces. The scene where Dick talks to Bruce is honestly the best in this show. It is not just the dialogue that is incredible, but their body styles. Bruce sits with such confidence and aware of his surroundings as for Dick, you can tell he is relaxed around Bruce even though they always fight. These two characters are different in so many ways but at the same time, have so many similarities. That is one of the reasons that the Batfamily is so amazing. Each Robin represents Batman in their way, but fundamentally, they are different.

Eneba Many GEOs

Let me tell you will not be disappointed in Slade Wilson. Esai Morales looks and feels like a bad ass, Ian Glen as Bruce is excellent. For me, Ian Glen feel and acts like Bruce even more so than Michael Keaton hell even Christan Bale (I’m ready for the hate). Anyway, let’s hope that we will see him ass Batman and if we do, let’s hope he is incredible. The only reason I say ”if” is because I have this feeling we might not see him as Batman sadly.

Still not a big fan of the CGI but let’s blame that on the budget. From the reveal of Trigon, even though he looks like Trigon, he still looks weird only by the animation of his movements. It almost seems like he walking with a stuck up his butt. This episode is fantastic! All the characters have shown that they can hold the show on their own without characters like Batman, Wonder Woman, or Superman. Every single one of the Titans has their purposes and that is what is so amazing about this show.

 I will say this, and then I’m done. Everyone was incredible! @ConorLeslie, @brentonthwaites, @TeaganCroft, @TheAnnaDiop, @RyankPotter, @alanritchson, @minkakelly, and @CurranWalters1 are all badasses and can not wait to see them face Slade Wilson, @Esai_Morales.

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