Todd McFarlane Announces He’s Working on Two Animated Spawn Creations

Spawn (HBO) TV Series, 1997–1999

Shown: Spawn (voice: Keith David)

Spawn has had a big screen debut back in 1997 and an animated series that ran for three seasons on HBO. While Todd McFarlane has still been trying to make a live-action reboot happen at Blumhouse, he’s announced that he’s developing two animated rebirths:

“We’re talking right now. I just had a couple of meetings this weekend about a couple of different animation looks, both something that we can get kids in at a younger age and then get them into the sort of crack cocaine version of Spawn. And then do the adult one. So we’re talking about that. I think both of those come after the movie.”

What do you think about animated versions of Spawn? Are you also hoping that McFarlane will be able to make his live-action reboot happen?

Source: Bloody Disgusting

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