The R-Rating Classification

With the release of Todd Phillips Joker amid the controversy surrounding the film and its R-Rating, it apparently has not affected its box office appeal. It had already broken last years Venom October box office record and is on pace for over 90 million for its opening weekend. Such numbers are music to Todd McFarlane’s ears.

McFarlane has been working toward to new film starring his popular Spawn character for some time now. His desire is to make the film as dark and foreboding as the character he created. To do so requires a film that would no doubt earn an R-Rating. The issue is that most comic book films are pigeon holed in the PG-13 classification. This was true back in 1997, when the first Spawn film was released. It originally was supposed to be R-Rated but was re-edited to fit under the more family friendly PG-13.

The Joker proves a point

Now with the success of Phillips Joker starring Joachin Phoenix, McFarlane believes that a door might be open for the kind of film he wants to make. He explained his rationale and his hopes for Joker with Comicbook.Com.

I’m hoping Joker opens up big and right now it’s tracking. So I hope it does, and then what it will prove is that you can do R-rated movies. And, again, there’ve been R-rated superhero movies with Logan and Deadpool, but I’m talking in which the content is serious, right? That somebody took it and had this serious tale. And if that works, then they’re going to do their checkbox and they’re going to go, ‘Hey, you know what we need more of? What just worked? Oh yeah, R-rated, check. Comic book material, check and dark, check.’ And that’s Spawn check, check, check. So I’ve been trying to say this to them. I think this type of material will work, but they just need sometimes the proof in the pudding to go, ‘Oh! That’s what you’ve been telling us. You’re saying the audience can get a wider diet than just PG 13. Yes, yes. On a serious level, on a serious level, not Deadpool level.

Success breeds Success

If McFarlane is banking on the success of Joker, his wishes have been answered thus far. Whether it will make a difference in the acceptance and making of his Spawn film remains to be seen. At least the possibility of a successful R-Rated “comic book” based film (in the loosest sense of the word) has been least if you have Joachin Phoenix as your Star.

Eneba Many GEOs

Does the success at the box office of Joker mean that films like McFarlane’s Spawn are more likely to be accepted and successful? What do you think? You’re the Hollywood Mogul now. Could McFarlane sell you on the idea based on Phillips success? Share your thoughts with us at GeekVibesNation.

Source: Comicbook.Com

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