Eneba Many GEOs

When a film goes in with modest expectations, you usually temper your enthusiasm. However, when it comes out the other end with over 800 million at the box office, it gets your attention and a sequel. That was the good fortune Sony found itself in for Venom starring Tom Hardy.

Venom went on to gross over $855 million worldwide, making it a major success for Sony’s  first attempt at a Spider-Man spinoff. It also made the plans for a sequel an easy call. The important thing for the studio was to retain the services of Tom Hardy. That apparently has been accomplished according to producer Amy Pascal.

I can say that Tom Hardy will be back, magnificently playing that character as no one else can…When you think of Venom, you’ll never be able to think of anyone but Tom Hardy sitting in that bathtub of lobsters. And once you saw Tom Hardy do this character, that’s all you needed to know.

As far as what will be happening in the sequel is still up in the air. However assuring that Tom Hardy is onboard is a great first step. Are you ready for a Venom 2 to hit the screen? Share your hopes for the sequel with us at GVNation.

Source: Comicbook.Com

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