Tomb Raider Sequel Moves Production Date To Summer


Back in September it was announced that MGM was moving forward with a sequel to Tomb Raider with Ben Wheatley directing. We have been on top of the Tomb Raider news from the get go including casting moves and plot details.  Production on the film was set to begin this April in several locations including the UK, South Africa, Beijing and Finland. Finland and Beijing are no longer listed as potential sites.

Despite the lack of news regarding the film casting wise, information continued to support the April 27 start date. Now we have new information that indicates filming has moved to an undetermined date this Summer. If I were a betting man I would say July or August. Several things could be a factor including the Coronavirus outbreak. There is also news that MGM wants to sell which could also be a factor. Right now the film is still casting and is still a go, of course this could all change.

Hopefully the movie gets made as planned. I loved the first movie and really am excited for the sequel. We are staying on top of this news and will bring you more once we have it.

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