Top 10 With Tia: Most Destructive Superheroes in Film & Television

While superheroes are there to help save the world, some cause a lot of destruction during the process. On this week’s Top 10 With Tia, Brittany and I went over our personal Top 10 Most Destructive Superheroes in Film and Television. In no particular order, we named off which superheroes have caused the most damage in a live-action capacity. This includes heroes from Marvel, DC, and even Amazon Prime’s The Boys. Again, this is any hero from a live-action TV show or a movie.

Here is where you can find that Top 10 episode on Spotify:

The list consisted of the Hulk, Superman, A-Train, and Homelander. While you may be thinking, well, the “supes” from The Boys were assholes, they were technically superheroes. And let’s not get into all of the damage the Hulk, Scarlet Witch, and others have wrought on society. Actually, we do get into it in the podcast. Which, is why you should give it a listen. Visit us on Twitter and let us know who you think is one of the most destructive superheroes.

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