Learning history is a tricky thing. In fact, as soon as you tell students that they have to learn history, more than half of them will be making faces. But if efforts are made, history can be an interesting subject to learn. In fact, there are some video games available to make history learning fun and interesting.

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So, now let’s start with list of games.

Panzer General

Students who are studying world war II will find this game interesting and educational. They will come to know the consequences of the war and how countries participated in the greatest war in history.

The game intensifies as troops are built, making players think on military strategy, and even the UI is completely according to that era. Thus, it will build students’ interest in the subject and also educate them about the world war.


Crusader Kings 2

This game will teach about crusaders from Europe and the wars and challenges that they had to face. Students will intricately learn about the middle ages and how it affected the lives of people at that time.

As they progress in the game, they get to explore new things about what happened in the middle ages. This will eventually lead them in learning about the era with more interest.


March of the Eagles

This game focuses on Napoleon and his era of wars. After playing this game students will be highly interested in knowing about Commander Napoleon and the important Waterloo War. In the game, the player has to lead the armies and fight against various countries. They may even want to research and read blogs about Napoleon while playing the game.


Victoria 2

This game helps students in understanding the Victorian age of the nineteenth century. They can even map the progress when the world was getting industrialized. This game teaches politics, diplomacy, and new technologies that emerged during that era and played a significant role.


To conclude,

No subject is too boring. There are ways to develop interests, especially through games. And history is a subject that always requires new ways to teach, so that the students generate interest to learn and retain it.

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