“Sometimes you have to go to the dark side to see the light.”

Eneba Many GEOs

No, this isn’t a Star Wars quote – rather a very cute indie film’s tagline. My Summer as a Goth is about finding your own stride and as a former Goth, I love everything about this project.

My Summer as a Goth stars Natalie Shershow and Jack Levi – directed by Tara Johnson-Medinger. It follows 16-year-old Joey Javitts who is sent to her eccentric grandparents to live after her father suddenly passes away. Joey falls quickly for the “Goth boy next door” Victor and becomes inspired to become a Goth herself.

Check out the official trailer for My Summer as a Goth:


My Sumer as a Goth will hit DirecTV and other On Demand platforms on November 11, 2020.

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