Finally a reboot I can look forward too. Universal Pictures seems to have found someone to direct the storm. ‘Twister‘ coming again to a theatre near you.

Recently Variety reported that the 1996 blockbuster hit Twister is in development of a reboot. Not only that negotiations with director Joseph Kosinski from “Top Gun: Maverick” is to be at the helm.

Currently, writers are meeting with Frank Marshall who will produce the picture.

It’s unclear right now on what this interpretation will be. Will they stay with the Orignal plot of on the verge of divorced storm chasers? What will the advanced weather system look like almost 25 years later?

Back in 1996 the film on the cutting edge of special effects. Directed by Jan De Boot of “Speed” the film was a blockbuster hit grossing $494 million. Not to mention Steven Spielberg executive produced it. In an extraordinary occurrence author Michael Crichton even put in on the script.

The New and Improved

What has me pumped finally for a reboot is it’s 25 years later and look at how far special effects have come. Add to that Kosinski who had a breakthrough directing debut with the film “Tron Legacy“. A huge hit at the box office, which led to him getting the directing spot for Universal’s “Oblivion”.

Kosinski has heavy ties to Tom Cruise who not only starred in Oblivion but directed the sequel to Top Gun that we have all been waiting for ‘Top Gun: Maverick‘ which comes out this December.

Mr. Kosinski, you have big shoes to fill on this project. Twister is a classic that many of us watch every time we come across it on our tv. I still want flying cows! Also, do your research! No goofs like the first film wherein the opening scene Joe’s father warns his family that the TV reports that the “twister might be an F5”. It is 1969, but “F5” and the Fujita scale were introduced in 1971. Again do your research! Also give us lots of action and make us feel like we are there!



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