Netflix’s two freshman drama series, V Wars and October Faction, will not be renewed for a second season. October Faction is based on the IDW comics by Steve Niles and V Wars is based on Jonathan Maberry’s bestselling book, starring Vampire Diaries alum, Ian Somerhalder. Somerhalder, who also directed the series, is now in the process of potentially pursuing other projects with Netflix. 

Published in 2012, V Wars features a collection of prose stories following the events of the first Vampire War. Somerhalder played the role of the protagonist, Dr. Luther Swann, who is exposed to a world of horror after a mysterious disease turns his best friend, Michael Fayne (Adrian Holmes), into a blood-thirsty predator that feeds on humans. As the disease spreads, society becomes divided – with “vampires” on one side and “normal” people on the other. 

October Faction, also not returning for a second season, follows monster hunters Deloris (Tamara Taylor) and Fred Allen (J.C. MacKenzie). After the passing of Fred’s father, the pair and their teenage children return to their hometown in upstate New York. The small-town setting isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, with many secrets brewing beneath the seemingly idyllic surface. 

The news of the two cancellations was first unveiled by The Hollywood Reporter.

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