The Hawkeye series adds more stars to its show. The Disney+ show recently made fans happy by confirming Hailee Steinfeld’s participation as Kate Bishop in the series. Vera Farmiga, Florence Pugh, Fra Fee, Tony Dalton, Alaqua Cox, and Zahn McClarnon have been cast for the show.

Here are the roles each actor will play:

Farmiga will play mother of Kate Bishop, Elanor Bishop. Fee will play Kazi, which is most likely short for Kazimierz Kazimierczak aka the villain Clown. Dalton will play Jack Duquesne, which is probably a variation of the Marvel character Jacques Duquesne aka Swordsman. Swordsman was an early mentor to Hawkeye and has been a villain and hero in the comics.

Pugh will reprise her role as Yelena Bolova, a role she plays in Black Widow. Cox will play Maya Lopez, which is the name of the Marvel character Echo. Echo is a deaf Native American who has the ability to copy another person’s movements verbatim. This Hawkeye series will be Cox’s screen debut. McClarnon will play William Lopez – who is most like Maya’s father Willie “Crazy Horse” Lincoln from the comics.

Jonathan Igla will write and executive produce Hawkeye.

Are you excited for the Hawkeye series?

Source: Variety

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