Jungle Scout is clearly big due to its massive popularity amongst Amazon sellers. On the contrary, Viral Launch is an aggressively trending, high-potential product research tool. 

Typically, all Amazon sellers land on a personal favorite after testing the product tools and services. Different tools provide different solutions, and everybody needs systematic solutions to basically compete with 2 million Amazon sellers. 

And leveraging a solid Amazon intelligence and research tool is a must to win the competition. There are many biased opinions about choosing a perfect Amazon tool. Here we will compare the two best top performing research tools and leave the deciding for you. 

Overview of Viral Launch & Jungle Scout


  • Viral Launch: Has been offering business solutions to Amazon sellers since 2014. Promising Amazon domination via their systematic sourcing, launching and competitor intelligence services. It can generate detailed analysis and insights about the top performing products, customer reviews, and sales trends from their massive 350 million product logs. In addition, Viral Launch offers support on over 10 different Amazon marketplaces, and offers a chrome web extension, making it a renowned and multifunctional product research tool. 


  • Jungle Scout: Even though it was launched a year later, in 2015, than Viral Launch,  it is a must have tool for sourcing products for Amazon. Since its launch, Jungle Scout  has built quite a formidable reputation as one of the top Amazon research tools. Jungle Scout offers very distinctive features and supports two separate versions. A mobile app and a chrome extension. Both of these features offer comprehensive tools and services. Providing filters and extensive databases for golden product hunting. Their web app comes with keyword scout extension, an intrinsic weapon for total domination. 


Top Viral Launch & Jungle Scout Features


Each software has unique tools and features that make them smarter and stronger. These top tools can help speed up the product launch and marketing process by ensuring your products are sourced, shippable, and competitively priced.


Viral Launch Features:

  • Product Discovery: This is one of the top features offered by Viral Launch. Their database provides searches based on your filters, categorized, monthly sales metrics, etc, cutting down your research time in half. 

  • Keyword Research & Manager: Viral Launch offers a relevant keyword finder and research tool. Making it easier to target niche specific keywords to up your profits by ranking higher on the search pages. Furthermore, they offer a comprehensive keyword analytics dashboard. This keyword manager dashboard, will save and store all your keyword data, where you can track, update, add/remove the keywords. It also gives you keyword suggestions based on the current market trends. 

  • Market & Competitor Intelligence: These intelligence tools provide detailed estimates and statistics about the correlation of your competitor products and marketplace trends. You can monitor, track and review profit opportunities. This also provides an intensive sales data based on keyword rankings. 

  • Listing Builder & Analyzer: Their listing builder and Analyzer operates so seamlessly creating SEO optimized ready to launch listings in a matter of minutes. The builder identifies and optimizes the unused high potential keywords to maximize your product search results. And the analyzer then performs a SWOT analysis comparing your product with competitor listing and suggesting improvement measures.

  • Split Testing: Viral Launch’s sales dojo performs a profit enhancer product listing test. Testing the titles, descriptions, images and prices to provide the most profitable combination. 

  • Kinetic PPC: Is the newest automated PPC campaign solution. This softwares offers campaign keywords, search terms and creates manually controlled automated Amazon PPC ads. 

Jungle Scout Features:

  • Opportunity Finder: This tool allows you to find trending, profitable and in-demand products to set you up selling fast and easy. It also provides high demand low competition keyword suggestions.

  • Product & Supplier Database: Jungle Scout has a product log of more than 70 million products and finds you profitable results in a matter of seconds. After which you get an instant supplier database access with top manufacturer details. You can do a supplier search just by adding in the product ASIN.

  • Sales Analytics: Their sales data collects real-time sales information and builds profit-building strategies to reduce your product costings. 

  • Keyword Scout: Keyword Scout is their top tier keyword finder tool. You can build better optimized listings based on the softwares instant high volume keyword suggestions.

  • Product Tracker & Alerts: This tool helps you avoid unexpected seasonal or demand shifts by tracking product performance in current-time. You can also set customized alerts to help you make better informed business decisions.

  • Inventory Manager: This is super handy especially for sellers with multiple country selling accounts. You can store and manage all your inventory in one dashboard. Keeping a close check on your sourcing and stocking needs.  

Pricing : Viral Launch / Jungle Scout

Let’s compare pricing.


Viral Launch offers 4 access plans: 


  • Beginner – $59/month 
  • Pro – $99/month 
  • Brand Builder – $149/month 
  • Kinetic – $199/month 


Each plan unlocks new features giving basic tools access to beginners and unlocking pro features for brand builders. 

If you’re looking for PPC features, Kinetic plan will be your best option. 

Who doesn’t love free stuff? The Viral Launch 14 day free trial offers a restrictive access, but you can still do research and generate five market intelligence reports each day.  

Jungle Scout offers two schemes and three access plans:


  • Basic – $39/month  
  • Suite – $69/month 
  • Professional – $99/month


You can either pay monthly or yearly. With annual billings, Jungle Scout offers upto 30% discount on the monthly costs. 

Why Do You Need Chrome Extensions? 


Chrome extensions make life so much easier. They let you search for all the crucial data you need while browsing on the Amazon web page. Both products offer chrome extensions with their paid plans. Along with built-in Alexa support.

Final Thoughts 

The best choice for you will depend on your business needs. In comparison, Viral Launch is pricier than Jungle Scout, however the packages are bundled with amazing tools. Their new Kinetic PPC tool is an advantage to the software over Jungle Scout. 

On the contrary, Jungle Scout is cheaper and offers everything included in Viral Launch, except the PPC automator tool. Additionally, Jungle Scout offers a mobile application. 

Holistically, Viral Launch is for heavy Amazon sellers, while Jungle Scout is best for startups and small-scale sellers.

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