Welcome Home X-Men! The Fox and Disney Deal Gets Approved

Cue the music! After a long and breath-holding journey, Disney and Fox have finally agreed upon a deal! For $71.3 billion dollars, Disney will purchase most of Rupert Murdoch’s media empire. Even though shareholders in six different countries still need to give their approval, this is a massive step for everyone, essentially shaking up the entertainment industry. If everything goes well, we will have a finalized deal in 2019.

We had a moment where it seemed like this deal would not go through, with Comcast lurking in to potentially purchase Fox. Luckily, Comcast dropped out recently and the event we have all been waiting for is here! We all know what this means in nerd talk; we’ve all mostly been interested in this news because of Disney owning Marvel and Fox owning the X-Men, which is the reason why these characters have never been on screen together even though in the comics they’re all intermingled.

There are obviously some questions surrounding this deal. How soon can we expect to see the X-Men intertwined in the MCU? With Deadpool’s success, does he remain separate or will we soon have Wade Wilson pranking Captain America? Will we have an MCU version of Wolverine? There are so many questions, but at least we can now start looking forward to the future of Marvel, with everyone back under the same studio.

With the Disney and Fox deal, Fox owned programs such as This is Us, The Simpsons, and movies like Avatar, are now to be owned by Disney. At this point, Disney is scooping up networks and will we ever come to a time where there is only the superpower known as Walt Disney Company?

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