What Are Those?! ‘SHAZAM!’ Director Explains Boot Change

When then first official image for Shazam! was released by Entertainment Weekly just before Comic Con, people noticed a big difference in the characters outfit. Before the official image there were several on set leaks that showed Zachary Levi (Shazam) wearing solid gold boots but that was not the case for the EW image. That image showed the actor wearing an open style boot that allowed us to see his costume through the boot itself. Of course people do what they do best and they took to Twitter to complain and they even asked director David Sandberg who posted this reply to Twitter:

I actually did not mind either boot though I like the solid gold ones better. David has been very proactive on Twitter answering questions and shutting down haters who really began to nitpick once the trailer came out. How do you feel about the style of boots? Do you prefer one over the other? Leave us a comment below and as always give us a follow on Twitter @GeekVibesNation for more topics and discussions.

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