Eneba Many GEOs

So with the release of the digital version of Avengers Infinity War, and the DVD/Blu-ray edition approaching, perhaps the time has come for a bit of speculation on our part. How does Kevin Feige and the rest of the Marvel creative team, who got us all into this mess,  propose to resolve it? Well?? We’re waiting. While he ponders the question we have imposed upon him, let’s discuss things amongst ourselves, shall we?

What do we know? At this time we know that Cap, Thor, Bruce, Natasha, Rhodey, and Rocket have survived the snap! on earth, while Iron Man and Nebula have survived on Titan. Now all THEY need is a way to get OFF Titan. Where’s an interplanetary UBER when you need one?
So what else is there? We know that Iron Man has something to do here because Dr. Strange sacrificed the time stone to Thanos to save him. He obviously is needed in the one time line that Strange saw where Thanos was defeated. Speaking of the time stone, (we weren’t really but go with me here) it would make perfect sense if it was used at some point to perhaps go back and prevent Thanos from obtaining the stones or from snapping his fingers. Maybe sticking his gauntleted paw in a giant jar of peanut butter from one our local bulk warehouse stores?
Hmmm…Ok, maybe not that. Thanos peeled both Spidey’s web and Dr. Strange’s cloak of levitation off his hand like pulling off a rubber glove so THAT wouldn’t work. It was a thought. Next? It is a given that Captain Marvel has a role otherwise Nick Fury would have wasted his last text message. That wouldn’t be right.
Another thing about the time stone: if you read the original comic series, the “Infinity Gauntlet,” it was Nebula who obtained the Gauntlet from Thanos but not until after he had did the whole eliminate half the universal  population trick. The major difference here was Nebula was not the part human/cyborg that the MCU shows. In fact, she wasn’t his daughter. She was his GRANDDAUGHTER. Her appearance was about as different as it could be. She looked like a cross between Night of the Living Dead meets The Night King from Game of Thrones. She was a train wreck all  thanks to GrandDaddy Thanos. Why in the world should she be bitter?
When she gains the Infinity Gauntlet the first thing she does is to fix herself. Not that I blamed her there. “You do YOU, Girlfriend!” Of course, she also was kind of new at the omnipotent being gig and made the mistake of deciding to undo Thanos universe cleansing. She did this by just going back in time before he did the deed. This also unfortunately reversed the “makeover”she gave herself. I think she should sue. What kind of makeover lasts only a few minutes? She WAS able to fix that situation but in the end (through a plot that you would have to read to understand and maybe not even then) Adam Warlock ended up with the Gauntlet.
So what does all THAT mean? Not a whole lot but it certainly filled a paragraph didn’t it. In the meantime unless they suddenly introduce Adam Warlock into the MCU, it is unlikely they go that route. That puts us back to where we were…without answers. Perhaps Mr. Feige is ready to explain? Kevin? Nope, didn’t think so. That leaves it to you, the intelligent readers of GVNation to give us your theories, your wild guesses. How does Marvel wrap up this tale? Your guess is as good as ours…probably better.

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