What Does An IT Support Team Do?

Software and hardware problems can set back a business dramatically and reduce profits if the issue is not resolved quickly. That is where an IT support team comes in. In the area your local business is based in. For example a Leeds based business, may prefer IT support in Leeds as well, they should set up a team of employees trained to deal with computer related issues swiftly and expertly. So what exactly do IT support teams do?

They Provide Technical Support

IT covers the entire business, providing technical support in all areas. Whether it is a hardware or software complication, the IT team will be well trained to handle the situation. In larger businesses, there are sometimes different levels of IT support; each level deals with increasingly difficult IT issues.

These issues can be passed on to the IT team in several different ways. It could be by a support ticket, an email, phone call, through word of mouth or from another IT support member. However the problem is relayed, the IT team works to resolve it in a professional manner, remaining polite to whomever has sent the message.

Monitors & Maintains Computer Systems

The key to keeping a healthy computer system is to run frequent checks and tests. IT support will run these checks on a set schedule, ensuring that every aspect of the computer system is running correctly and without errors. If an error is detected, it can be fixed before problems occur. This monitoring can help to prevent major crashes and loss of important data.

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Installs & Configures Hardware and Software

Whether it is setting up a new employees laptop to be secure, installing a brand new system for the company or updating an existing one, IT support makes sure it is done. This portion of the job is especially important because if the software and hardware is not set up correctly it can lead to data leaks and serious errors.

Solves Technical Problems

Not all calls to IT have to be serious. An employees company issued laptop could be malfunctioning. Perhaps a new state-of-the-art printer has not been set up correctly. Not all incidents that require IT intervention are serious, company wide problems. However, these relatively small problems can add up and cause disruptions to employees.


Training New Staff

Junior IT employees will often be assigned more simple tasks like checking on a malfunctioning printer or a laptop that won’t turn on. These junior employees are often placed in training under more senior IT support staff so that they can learn new skills. The more experienced staff will be able to pass on simpler jobs, while concentrating on other, harder IT tasks.


Don’t Worry – IT Doesn’t Think You Are Stupid

Without an IT support team, a business can quickly find themselves floundering, overwhelmed with technical glitches. IT personnel are invaluable and have worked hard to secure their position. They are there to help and keep the company running. Go ahead and contact your IT support team, even if it seems silly. That is what they are there for!

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