What Kind of Hosting Is Needed for Video/Movie Streaming Sites?

Many people first hear about web hosting when they initially create a website and go through the process of making it go live. Web hosting is a requirement for any online website, and there are different resources needed depending on the site’s content. For instance, video and movie streaming need certain criteria, which we will be discussing below.

Importance of Video Content

In this day and age, video content is one of the key elements of marketing strategies. Consumers want entertainment, and they want to receive information quickly. Videos can deliver messages and convey the necessary emotion in a short period. Videos are often shared on social media to spread the word about the company. On average, a video will be shared 12 times more than a still image. The videos can either be hosted directly on video platforms such as YouTube and Dailymotion, or they can be self-hosted on the company’s website.   

Hosting on Video Platforms

Hosting on a video platform can be tempting because you will not have to worry about the amount of bandwidth that is being used. OBS Streaming on Cloud desktop is one of the hosting platform used often for streaming content across the internet without bandwidth issues.

Your viewers can watch the video as many times as they want, and it does not affect you. The platform will also be able to compress the video to a smaller file size, which makes it quicker to load. In addition to this, viewers might stumble upon your video when they weren’t even looking for it. This can result in increased customers and revenue for you.

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However, hosting on a video platform will mean that you have to follow their policies, or else the video could be taken down. As well, the pop up of other ads may hamper the viewer’s experience.


If you have a reliable web hosting package, you will be better equipped to self-host your videos. Green Geeks is a good example of a web hosting provider that can offer reliable video streaming solutions. If you have a VPS or dedicated server hosting plan with Green Geeks, you should be able to host video content, depending on the plan specifications. Self-hosting your videos will also give you full control of the content, and no issue of having the video taken down.

In order to provide quality video streaming to your viewers, you will need sufficient resources in your web hosting plan. If you do not have such a plan, the video will not play properly, and the message will not be conveyed. This can result in lost sales and future customers.

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